The Beauty Of Tradition & Our Awesome Evolution!

May 23, 2014 | Creativity

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The past can be grand. Tradition informs our lives.  But when you look at the very cool office design above, you see that a computer, modern aesthetics and streamlined materials are here to stay, amidst a grip of paint brushes and vintage lockers.

We all evolve. Style evolves.  Lifestyle evolves as well.

I love the fourth definition of evolution at

“a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions.”

My ideas of ten years ago have evolved. Yours, I bet, have as well.

We evolve our methods of working on our crafts and at our jobs.  Ten years ago, you wouldn’t be video conferencing on your iPad, for example.

Some people believe that only tradional methods work.  I used to live in a building with a famous author who wrote on legal pads with a pen, still, to this day. There is a brilliance in that visceral connection and you can see it in his work.

That isn’t to say that people who type on computers and write brilliant novels are less of writers.  They are, however, exercising different parts of the brain. (*handwriting actually lights up different areas of your brain itself)

Pieces of my life are traditional and, by their nature, are meant to stay that way.  My own religion, for example, is orthodox and not something to be morphed.  That is what makes it what it is.

If you were to morph it, you could call it another form of Buddhism, I suppose, but it would not be the same.  It would lose its luster to me, because of its orthodox nature.

That said, the way that I practice that religion has evolved to become more of a part of my life in a very traditional manner.

I think that’s the only place I am a purist, and for my own reason.

You pick where tradition holds fast in your life, if it does. Whether its spiritual beliefs, family routines, recipies handed down over generations, business rituals- some traditions you hold firm to and keep passing them down through generations for a reason.

We all pick our places for evolution.

You may not love the way some evolution works. You may be a purist in certain regards.

I certainly don’t love every facet of our modern evolution.

But, to deny people their own ways that work for them is to say that there is only “one right way.”

That, as we know, is a dangerous game.

I was told recently that I don’t have the right to call what I do “feng shui”.  Honestly, I could care less except for the fact that this was more a part of the dangerous game that is dogma.  I have seen my friends come up against this in the ways they have evolved their own passions, innovating and expanding on them in ways that are brilliant and effective.

Do what works for you.  Use tradition as a foundation where it works for you. Be a purist where it seems warranted to you.

Love, business, philosophy, art and everything under the sun will affect us in new ways as we evolve in new ways.

When it feels wrong, it is wrong… for you!

Trust that!

We are all learning together. Let’s make this the best time in our personal- and collective- evolution!  xoxo Dana


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