Thinking Out Of The Box To Design Your Perfect Home!

May 26, 2014 | Home Style

hanging art on bookshelves

(Real Simple)

From hanging photos on the egdes of bookshelves to putting art in the kitchen, our “traditional” minds don’t always leap to the conculsions that are best for our home design intuitively.  If you are in a place that feels cluttered with necessity (you need the stuff you have, but it doesn’t fit!)  too cookie-cutter for your taste or even too conventionally organized to the point where it is stifling your creativity, it may be time to think out of the box!


Welcome to a small slice of my living room before I moved in.  Since moving boxes from my mom, grandma, godmother…as well as my own, it was a challenge, to say the least.  The biggest challenge: a space with so many windows has very little traditional wall space for things like bookshelves that are a huge part of my life.

It was the moment when I realized that my low, Mid Century teak bookcase needed to be fastened securely on the base of my non-working fireplace that I realized we have to think more illogically about space sometimes in order to come up with logical solutions for design. I do it all the time for clients— and now its time to do it for me!

As I get ready to do the big bookshelf move- opening up my entire office area tremendously- I am seeing more space for art and for funtional design that I didn’t see before.

Here’s another great solution:


(rue magazine)

Industrial shelves, when piled with artful objects, can be the best way to customize and organize and store raw materials for your work and your life.   When stocked with fabric baskets of toilitries and fabulous towels, this even works in a bathroom customized to fit your space.

Not everyone has room for a garden in their home, but a sunny window sill packed with thriving plants is a garden, too!

windowsill garden


And you may not have room for all your clothes in a traditional closet, but a rolling rack of gorgeous things that you have no space for in your closet can definately be decor if it needs to be!

gorgeous rack

(glitter guide- love this!)

It may all seem the opposite of perfect “Zen” decor, but it isn’t!  Flow and harmony have a whole lot to do with creating spaces that you can function in beautifully, and sometimes that can be forgotten.

A few other ideas to shake up possibilities for you: sofas don’t need to be up against walls. Dining room tables don’t have to be in the dining room.  Bathrooms can have plants in them (its a great space, actually!). Art can hang in yoour closets.

And the list rolls on!

Think in new ways and be willing to experiment— even the craziest of ideas can be the thinking that turns your place into a showplace with fabulous feng shui! xoxo Dana


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