5 Lifestyle Goodies That Elevate The Everyday!

May 28, 2014 | Creativity

lavender almond milk

From georgeously-bottled, inventive almond milks to lots of wisdom from our puppy friends, this week’s lifestyle goodies are all about elevating the everyday experience of a day! 

Lavender essential oil in beverages: Above, these gorgeous almond milks- free of every preservative- feature lavender esesential oil as an add-in to the most attractive bottle!  I am definately going to try this once my therapeutic, food-grade essential oils arrive!

stove grates


Prosperity Feng Shui: While this may not get a prize for most gorgeous image, this is an awesome feng shui money tip everyone should indulge in… now!  If you have a stovetop with metal grates like these, dissemble it all when room temperature (*not right after cooking!), rinse and scrub them well.  You now have a crystal clean and magnetic stovetop. (BONUS POINTS: do your oven, too!)

puppy farmers market


Local greens are high on my list of favorites this week, with delicate, multicolored bins full of foliage piling up at the markets.  Cricket Fox shows us the right way to be: voracious about greens! She was right there watching her mom load up her groceries this weekend, making sure she got a bite fron time to time of the wildest leaves.

creative block book

Creative Tools!  I am now reading through my last inspired creativity book to put the icing on a year of specific research that ranges from neuroscience to quantum mechanics, art to actual “creativity theory” to create a great big online course like nothing else in the world!  For all the trips I have led through Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way,  I have always wanted to fashion a new layer- mixing  in feng shui, science and art theory to really make creative changes in lifestyle a reality on every level long after the book was done.  And…. it’s almost ready for you!

This particular book is quite special as it features the methods that 50 artists use to “unblock” themselves.  The similar thread: each method to un-block is very tailored to each artist’s personality.

puppy relaxing

Designing spaces to settle into! Let me tell you, Gordon (and Bob) have figured out quite quickly how to settle into their new home. Plush softness, big pillows, silk scarves, bright colors…they have determined where they like their doggie bowls, their sofa seating and their beds in very short order.  Creature comforts are often neglected by humans who seek things “where they should be” rather than where they feel best.

Do you have places to settle in? It is time to design something plush for your own repose!

Lifestyle can always get a boost from fresh perspective and a healthy dose of deliciousness.  Elevating the everyday is often as simple as a drop of fragrance or a giant pillow.  And it is worth a go since you are worth the greatness!

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