Think Less & Live Much More!

May 28, 2014 | Uncategorized


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Lately, I have been swimming in lectures by Dr. Bruce Lipton. While flossing in the morning, streching in the afternoon, driving in my car, zoning out for a break… I can’t get enough of his breakthrough research and the ways it informs life on every level. His biggest message to me so far:  on average we are only conscious and creating life about 5% of the day and in some sort of subconscious state for about 95% of the day.


I’m sure some of you are more conscious than others to one degree or another, but I raise my hand to this uncomfortable fact.  I could be a whole lot more conscious.

Could you stand to be more of a present & creative force in your own life?

The only antidote for this: MINDFULNESS.  Being in love with life, engaging in the moment, showing up in body, mind  and spirit….and doing this more and more.

Less thinking.  More living.

Let’s create a brilliant world together in doing rather than theorizing! xoxo Dana


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