5 Ways To Make Your Meditation Space Even Cooler!

May 29, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

meditation attic


It is not a luxury to have space in your life to meditate.  Everything from your immune system to your pocketbook is positively affected by some time to relax and encounter the present moment.

Even 15 minute meditation breaks can dramatically alter your life. 

Your meditation may be sitting cross-legged, staring out a window, closing or opening your eyes… even writing in a journal or doing yoga poses or your own stretches. You may have a formal practice or a DIY routine.

Having space in your home – be it a corner with a stack of pillows or a whole luxurious room- to zone out and just “be” is really excellent for your overall balance. Here are a few ways to make that space even cooler!

Feng Shui For A Meditation Area! 

COLOR: Add some violet colors and light blues for the essence of transcendence.   Even if you close your eyes in the room, the vibration of the color is still there with you.   If you are tempted to skip out of meditation, you may want to add a whole spectrum of color to your space- as shown above- to create a more dynamic area.


SCENT:  Jasmine is an amazing scent for transendence. Therapeutic grade essential oils of Rose, Cedar orMyrrh can help you to stay grounded if you have a hard time sinking into quiet place without feeling antsy.

PLANTS: Nature is, in itself, extremely meditative.  Whether its a great view of nature out a window or a bunch of houseplants in your room, load up on nature power.

ELEVATE THE SPACE: If you don’t have a glamorously high celing, use something vertical like a wall hanging to elevate the space and empower the area.

SWEEP UP/ DUST OFTEN: Sweeping and dusting remove all the particles of clutter from the air, symbolically brushing away the old to make room for the new.  This is something we all need, daily, to keep cultivating positive, peaceful and purified energy.

Now, if you want to create an entirely more meditative home, THESE ideas can spark your home makeover!


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