Believe You Can & You’re Halfway There!

May 30, 2014 | Prosperity

believe you can

Did you ever notice the awesome phenemonon that I have seen umpteen times in Los Angeles:

Many times, people with incredible self-belief and perhaps little to no experience, become wildly successful. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this an an indictment of anyone’s good fortune.  It’s quite the opposite. Each time it happens I am thrilled to see this power of self-confidence in action.  I even know people who have sold unwritten scripts because they believed in their idea so much, founded companies they knew nothing about and excelled, booked massive acting jobs when they weren’t even thinking of being professional actors but believed they could do it in this one circumstance…

And they did.

We get what we expect. 

Sure, sometimes it doesn’t 100% go your way every time… but it will go your way 100% more if you believe in amazing outcomes!

It’s tempting to fall into the pile of collected voices whispering: Don’t get your hopes up…

Don’t do it!

Your hopes, your intention and your expectations are a big part of the magic of being you.

HERE is more of the actual multi-faced science that supports why we should all have great expectations ever day.

Something amazing will happen today— if you feel it!  xoxo Dana



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