Casually Sophisticated Decor Details!

May 30, 2014 | Home Style

outdoor cinema


Casual sophistication emerges in imaginative details.  This is the kind of chic decor – functional, fun, personal- that is fabulous feng shui any way you look at it!  Here are some breezy yet brilliant ideas to get you thinking in new ways about your own style… and lifestyle… at home. 

dark green breakfast table


While there are many memorable details here, the large black pendant dome light is a  pace-setting point of smooth focus.



While my personal preference is to chop the stalks a bit and hang the art a bit differently, look at what a painting and some foliage do for an eat-in kitchen!

stencilled wall


What about some old-fashioned stencil on brick walls? In this case, I would move both the headless dress form and the empty bird cages over head to have what amounts to a totally dreamy bedroom.



What about a chandelier outside, hanging from a study tree?!

None of these ideas are particularly bank-breaking… even the outdoor cinema is mainly a projector, some outdoor futons and twinkle lights to start… but they are all extremely memorable.

Can you add some easy sophistication to elevate your space? 

The main ingredient is imagination…!

xoxo Dana


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  1. Ann

    Hi Dana
    I have 2 questions please regarding a new, one level house we are building. Firstly , how does placement of the bagua map work when there is a large internal garage/workshop taking up a quarter of the space..out from the left hand bottom corner of the map?
    Secondly…I live in the southern all references to compass in bedhead placement, front door aspect etc need to have North and south reversed? I’m trying to do some Feng Shui have piqued my interest.. but I can’t find the answers.
    Many thanks.


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