Coconut Milk Beauty Magic!

May 30, 2014 | The Beautiful

coconut milk beauty

Since most of what I use for beauty these days is in my kitchen, a round-up of my favorite coconut milk beauty treats- some so easy you will be amazed- is in order! Coconut milk comes with me to the spa,  it makes its way into the tub, and it finds its way into my hair in many different ways.

While I do make my own often to drink… for these I use lite coconut milk from Trader Joe’s (no additives in the Light can) or any other coconut milk with no additive gums or preservatives.

Without further ado, here are my “best of’s” coconut oil beauty… one more delicious than the next!

SHAMPOO. Could it be easier than this 3-ingredient shampoo from One Good Thing By Jillie?   Nope.  Sulfate-free, biodegradable, and it lasts a full month!

hair smoothie

HAIR MASK. My own coconut milk hair smoothie comes with me non-stop to the spa.  It smells like candy and make my hair feel stronger and sleeker!

You can also do this with a fresh banana (use right away) like Natural Chica does!

SCALP GOODIE. I started looking into the coconut milk hair phenomenon futher and found that it actually promotes hair growth as a pre-shampoo treatment. Curly Nikki masters this scalp treatment for curly hair!

coconut lime

SOAP. Every coconut milk soap I use is pure heaven when handcrafted.  While I haven’t yet risen to the occasion of making my own, the day is dawning!   HERE is a Coconut Lime soap mix from Offbeat & Inspired that has me thinking I may rise to the occasion soon. 


LUXE BATHS. I’ll be grabbing some oats this week to start making greatly luxurious baths again, and, if you try this bath from Henry Happened full of oats blended with coconut milk and honey, I high recommend doing a sugar scrub of some plain sugar (or any kind you have on hand) and coconut or olive oil first.

Totally magnificent! All of it!  I have no idea how we went for so long in the worth without indulging in as much coconut as we do these days… but I am so glad we have finally arrived in coconut bliss.  Once you get the basics down to a beauty DIY you can experiment and tailor it to your needs.  Essential oils and coconut oil seem to make everything coconut-milk-made even better. Even smoothies!

Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


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