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Passion is what makes you feel wholly and completely alive.

While I hear often that passion just “flames out” and it is not “reasonable” to expect that from a relationship or a job or anything else, I believe its the opposite.  Lust may wear out, as it is only grounded on a surface attraction.  Whims burn out because they are not deeply connected to who we are, sort of like the time you wanted a new hair color and could only think about it until you did it… and soon grew sick of it.

Passion is often mistaken for something extra- maybe even a luxury afforded to the frivolous or wildly artistic-  but it is really a necessary energy to create life.

You can’t fake passion.

Passion is the energy of fire. As long as you feed that passion, it grows bigger and simmers steadily.

Here’s a little feng shui to help you feed the passion in your own life.  This is not whimsy or frivolous fluff. This is the stuff you feel radiating from the people you admire, the magnetic state of being that is deeply connected to purpose and to all of life!

eiffel tower

Love. Desire. Action. Creativity. Endless possibility.

Passionate ideas for the day are all about how we feed our passions! 

1. Passion is fire.  Fire in feng shui is fed by Wood.   Adding a tremendous amount of fire energy to your life- wearing only bright pinks and reds, a home full of fire tones- will actually help you to “flame out” rather than live with sustained energy.  To feed Fire energy, we add Wood.  Wood energy- ranging from green colors and actual wood objects and plants to activities that stretch your body like yoga and walking- fuels the fire in your life.

2. Earth energy makes Fire elements stable but too much Earth drains passionate Fire. What does this mean for you?  If you find that your passion has fallen into a routine, its time to shake things up.  While stabiity is a vital force in life, too much sameness creates a rut.  It is where the stability of Earth gets too heavy that we get stuck.  If you are in a routine of stable sameness, create a change. And another.  Shaking up a home full of Earth elements- lots of browns and neutrals and clay and plaster- with additions of art and color and fresh scents is vital to keeping the senses and the space around you in momentum rather than stagnation!

3. Sometimes passion is burried in clutter.  Speaking if stagnation, passions that are ignored often get burried under a pile of bad ideas, broken dreams and literal clutter in your home.  One of the first things I ask when a client is having trouble losing weight, eliminating stress or deciding what to do in life is this: ” What is your passion?”  Often it is the clutter-filled homes and lives that are a reaction to passion abandoned somewhere down the line.  All sorts of stuff accumulates to bury that passion. Clearing clutter can help you find passion you let go of a long time ago.

4. Passion is not about imbalance, or living life on Level 10.  It’s true that passion is very yang (active) energy.  Life is about yin (quiet) and yang(active) energy in balance.  I know that more than a few “success coaches” proclaim a live of passion in a highly wired, over-charged, somewhat aggressive and false-feeling play to create passion.  Remember, at the start I said passion can’t be faked. I believe that wholeheartedly.  Real passion isn’t something you get hyper-caffinated or hyper-spun-out to experience. Its a radiance that flows through your day, and it requires you nourish it with breaks, food and rest (yin) so that it can thrive.  You don’t have to be bounicng off the walls or pretending to be a superhero to be driven by passion.


Do you have an idea of where you could use more passion? Are you ready to allow that into your life?  I hope so. Its so much fun to wake up completely excited for the day ahead!  xoxo Dana



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  1. ken

    Great stuff Dana! I like both of them.
    Keep it up the good work.

  2. Flora

    that part about…the radiance instead of “all strung out” is…so wise! And so many people need to hear it.
    i am going to have to pass this one around.
    ps. that is the most fun expression of the root of clutter and the power of clearing it that I have come across in the eighteen years I have been decluttering my life.

  3. Flora

    woops…i guess the word you used were “hyper caffeinated or hyper spun out…” instead of “all strung out.” same concept intended…

  4. Judy

    I loved this article! I have been to several business events over the past year (all conducted by men) and found their hyper, push, push, push style so exhausting and counter-intuitive. Thanks for providing the balance that is displayed in Nature.
    I love your stuff!!

    • danaclaudat

      yay! its the age where yin energy will be so much more prized in both men and women… so exciting to hear it resonates with you!!!



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