Zaria Forman’s Finger-Painted Waves Of Impossible Beauty!

Jun 2, 2014 | Life With Art

zaria forman, beach paintings

Zaria Forman‘s photorealistic renderings of water have me in a happy trance.  Whether in oil or in rich pastel, her fingers are her tool- literally amplifying the natural rhythm in these remarkable works as she shapes them with her hands.

What a thrilling way to start the day… in a sparkling sea of visionary creation!

zaria forman, beach paintings

At work…watching this gives me the chills.

zaria forman, beach paintingsI can taste the salt in the air.

zaria forman, beach paintings

Deep blues absolutely sparkle!

zaria forman, beach paintings

I could get lost in her work all day. I could get lost watching her work.  Most poignant is her concentration- part exacting science and part meditative grace.

zaria forman, beach paintings

Needless to say, I will be at the beach this weekend, immersed in watching the waves crashing into foam.

In the realm of nature, it is water that creates a fresh start. These works capture the dynamism of water- it’s character, personality and soul- and bring us that bubbling momentum. Brilliant!

You can find much more of her work HERE. xoxo Dana



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