Bringing Home The Beach Chic!

Jun 3, 2014 | Home Style

beach chic

(chic costal living)

I am proud to say that I finally have giant coral pieces and a jar of amazing seashells in my house- but neither are on proper display… yet!   this weekend, I hit the beach… and so does the decor.

In Spring & Summer, its a perfect time to bring out the beach chic.  Whether its a surfboard that stars as art in your living room when it’s not riding waves, beautiful sea artifacts, buckets of sand or lighter, brighter colors of ocean and sky and sand… no matter where you live you can lighten up your home when you make small adjustments that signal the shore! 

tropical accessories


Just a small tray of collected goodies, a mirrored tray at best, imbues a great deal of the shore into your decor.

beach bedroom

(home trend design)

Even the lightness alone of glass lamps (I just added two to my own bedroom) brings a feeling of weightless, airy gloss to a space.

shell wreath


Growing up, my grandma would collect shells in Florida and California- and her friend Yetta would send her more- that she would glue onto foam cones to create centerpieces.  This fabulous wreath from Etsy brings back the memories of these sea shell monuments.

beach bathroom


While there is a bit of though required to greate perfect shelves- and a lot of museum wax neded to cement these shells in place- the result is  like diving into water every time you enter your tub!

beach bedroom

(a beach cottage)

The beach allows for more relaxed and more imperfect, even a bit crumpled, textures.  This bedding is dreamy and serene, and the jute rugs and a hung hat finish the serene sentence.

One note about all of this- you can encorporate it anywhere, in just small bits, and just for the season if it’s more appropriate (and unless you live in the tropics, its ususally only seasonally appropriate!)… but when you do bring on the beach you get a vast feeling of natural abundance as well as breathy freedom freshness… all amazing, all the time!  xoxo Dana


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  1. ken

    Oh my goodness! speechless! Your house is soo beautiful Dana!
    The rooms are airy, fresh en bright. Spotless clean house. I love it!
    Happy beach life!! Ken

  2. Jeanne

    I love a beachy vibe. My living room has a beachy vibe and I would LOVE to add some wicker chairs! Thx for an awesome post! I would love to add more elsewhere!!! So peaceful and relaxed. Sigh…


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