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Jun 8, 2014 | Prosperity

pay attention

Whenever I see plants that multiply in geometric splendor, I am reminded that there is a pattern underlying life that is somewhat unconscious by nature.  Plants adapt to their environment and they grow based on a fixed inherent nature that will either flourish or wither based upon the environment where they are planted.

We are the same way.  Except… we have a special powers that plants do not have! 

If you have situations that keep repeating themselves in your life, they are like the nature that dictates how plants grow.  In this case, the thoughts and the actions and the decisions we make are the pattern that seems to silently dictate how and where we flourish and multiply.

pay attention

In Buddhism, the collective power of thoughts, words and actions over a lifetime is called karma.  Its a concept that is huge but at its core its something that most anyone – no matter your religious or philisophical beliefs- can agree with.  Karma at is simplest is “cause and effect.”  We are living the effects of the causes we are making. You reap, in essence, what you sow.

If you can start making new decisions today you are creating a new future. In fact, with every decision you make you have a profound impact on everyone around you and upon the planet itself.

Did you ever think how life would be different if you said Yes instead of No to a big decision? Ever wonder what could have happened if you went Right instead of Left down the street?

I met all of the people who have changed my life totally, it seemed, by accident. But looking back at all my thoughts and words and actions that led to my accidental meetings of people, well, it was no accident!

So, there is this brilliant way we might be able to create a new world for ourselves with new decisions.

That’s pretty reasonable and not very ground-breaking news to many of you.

What is often overlooked: our environment also has a profound effect upon life.

Your environment is also not an accident. Every environment has its own way of reflecting your deepest feelings, thoughts, words and actions, aspirations and dreams.

Luckly, if you want to change that reflection and stop the viscious circle of things repeating themselves over and again when you wish they would just change you absolutely can!

A plant can’t re-plant itself to get more sun. It can stretch toward the sun but in many ways it is limited by its circumstances.  It has a harder time changing its outcome.  The stronger, more fortunate plants survive.

We have a choice where our environment is concerned.

If you are really determined to make new decisions and bring more of the best of you to your life, you can do that at any time.  You may just need to adjust your space a bit.

Idea: Do a little inventory of all the words that come up as you walk around your home or office.  Yes, words. They pop up in your head when you see things.

How do those words make sense with your life?

For instance, my new dining room is presently dark and overstuffed and full of things I am sick of seeing. It is also full of potential.  I say that, too.  I can totally see the way in which this reflects a bit of my own life… and its motivation to majorly change it now!

Change need not be a seismic boom, but if the same things repeat on a loop in your life that you don’t want to experience any more, it may be a seismic event to interrupt the cycle and start planting new seeds of possibility.

Unlike the gorgeous plants that multiply everywhere I can see, we have a certain gift of ability to be conscious.  Its also a responsibility.  After all, we can create a whole lot in life… and we also have the power to destroy a lot, too.  Being more and more present (*these tips can help!) can make it easier to see clearly and decide powerfully to make tomorrow amazing!

You are never stuck. You are always unlimited. xoxo Dana



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  1. lulubella

    You are always so inspiring and always right on the money for whatever is going on in my life. I’m so glad I stumbled upon you!!

  2. padma prakash

    Your words are so motivating, learnt many thing , The way you think and write it is marvelous Hope we can a chance to visit those exotic places. Thanks, keep up the good work.


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