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If you believe you make your own luck (this is somewhat scientific fact!) then you know how to make your life far more lucky and far less of a game of catch-up.


One of the easiest and – dare I say- common sense ways to make life much easier is to be prepared!

Right now- for whatever you are doing or are about to do- are you prepared? 

cy twombly

(cy twombly)

“I sit for two or three hours and then in 15 minutes I can do a painting, but that’s part of it. You have to get ready and decide to jump up and do it; you build yourself up psychologically, and so painting has no time for brush.”  ~ Cy Twombly

Creating A Space That is Much More Prepared (*and therefore luckier and calmer!) 

Athletes talk about metal preparation before a game.  Lots of great actors do exercises to get themselves grounded in their work, prepared to bring their best to the day.  But we tend to hop out of bed and rush straight into the day.  A little preparation can be a revolution. And, a prepared home supports this feeling of being ready-for-everything, taking lots of unnecessary stress out of the day!

Stock a few “kits” that can help in a pinch.  

A sewing kit, a little first aid kit, a few office supplies- these are the things that can make a giant difference in the day.  It can be wildly stressful to run around when you have no time to find a band aid or a needle and thread to quickly fix a button, or anything of the sort that need not be a big deal. I’ve found the more prepared I am the less that these little mishaps even happen.

Keep extra on hand of things like vitamins and other supplies you think or know that you will need.

Headed on vacation and realized you don’t have a supplement or a medication until the last minute, racing to get paper for your printer that you could have grabbed two months ago= small examples of situations that can suck. If you regularly need things- anything-  make sure you have them on hand and plentiful.

Get into a schedule of home maintenance that makes it easier for you to keep your life in order. 

One day a week, or one nigt a week, to clean… or a regular visit from a housekeeper on a schedule… will keep things much lighter in your life.  Its way easier to be ready for a surprise houseguest if you have a regular schedule of grocery shopping- even just for small things like fruit, water and tea- to have that welcome ready for anyone.

Create a space for you to prepare for things that are work-related. 

Not everyone has or needs a desk at home. I know lawyers who prepare to litigate cases in court in their garage. I have friends who read on their front stoop.

Whatever works for you- have a place to prepare that is far more stable than “reading your cell phone on the subway.”  You can prepare much more than that, and in a much more grounded way!

I have a friend who prepares in a meticulous way for her fashion sales. She sell more than anyone I’ve ever seen. She’s really invested, really knows her stuff and she really gets ready for each and every time she’s out representing her brand. There are other people who have similar stuff, but she is far more alluring because she can answer all your questions and tell you stories of the vintage clothing and much, much more.

A little meditative space- or a routine just about anywhere- creates a more secure sense of calm. 

Jumping out of bed and rushing to work is no fun!  Be the champion athlete of whatever you do!  Take a few minutes to meditate in your garden, on a pillow in a quiet corner, or even in bed before you finally get up (hit snooze so you don’t put yourself back to sleep!) so that you can be ready for the day in a more present fashion.  Visualizing positive outcxomes to situations definately can’t hurt!

Keep learning….!

The more you know, the more you know!  All the wild studying I do has saved me many a time in an interview where I’ve been asked questions out of left field, in big meetings with corporate clients, and in life in general.  While theory is always fun, it’s a great feeling to really take inforamtion and test it out and make it your own in practice.

If you are always learning, you realize the depths to which you can prepare for anything. Almost every discipline somehow relates to another!

While you will never be ready for absolutely everything, the confidence and security you have when you’ve thoughtfully prepared for anything is well worth the preparation time.  xoxo Dana


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