Design Tricks To Lighten Up A Heavy Space!

Jun 10, 2014 | Home Style

pink chairs dining room(via)

Oh how I love room rescue!  I have noticed that heavy rooms are a trend based on the availability of furniture in today’s world.  Earth tones and heavy-feeling furniture and loads of wood are plentiful.  Less plentiful are metal accents, white light fixtures and other spashes of truly inspiring color.  As a result, out homes sink into the feeling of a dense forest in a not-good way!

 When you see the before & after of my now intensely-wood-laden dining room and what it is about to become in the coming weeks it can fit itself into this round-up… !

Today we are going to look at ways to lighten spaces that feel heavy. Almost everyone can lighten up a bit! 

The fabulous white chairs above with pink upholstery  breathe freshness into the space, reducing the heavy wood energy.   If you have an all-wood-energy room, start adding white!

pink bedding

(apartment therapy) 

You can still be sassy, you can break design rules and still woind up with a fabulous bedroom if you trust yourself to add rich color and keep things dynamic, like this flashy art mixed with the rich upholstery and saturated rose bedding!

In bedrooms: keep the colors warm…!

light room


What could be a boring room full of what could be seen as blocky and heavy furniture turns into a light and bright space withmodern edges and a rhythmic multitude of pillows!

yellow table


Super-lemon yellow shines up the center of this space!

accent wall


This accent wall, while a risky move because you could turn your home into an outtake of the 1980’s, here succeeds because of the the fabulous art hung in the corner and the harmonizing shades of blue in the rest of the space!

neon wall


While I would not recommend this for a bedroom in a feng shui sense, imagine what just a swatch of bright color can do for a giant, hollow wall in a sort of dense-feeling room? This is a fantastic idea, and massive inspiration!

Trust yourself enoug hto know that if a space feels wrong, it is wrong.  While you may not be able to solve all of its quirks instantly, a little lightening-up makes a massive difference to any room!  xoxo Dana


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