Fast Feng Shui: Details Remind You Of Your Purpose!

Jun 12, 2014 | Feng Shui 101


Walking around the camp-grounds of the Mirival Spa for the Mind Body Green #revitalize symposium, I came across this sign and thought, ” I do still like kale, even though I like collard greens much more right now.”

That’s the power of environmental details. 

That ribbon you want for your curtains is not frivolous, the incredible espresso machine, the special welcome mat for your front door. In my new place, Bob & Gordon (the dogs) havde their own area being filled with details including an instagram collage and blankets in their favorite colors.  They notice details, too. Maybe more than some people I know!


When you personalize the details of a space you create an experience.  Whether you have gorgeous gemstones or a collection of meaninful pennies to display- or both- you imprint more of who you are, where you are!

This connection is where feng shui magic starts to happen.

So, as an idea, see if you can add a detail, even a post-it note on your mirror that reminds you of your intention for yourself, your life, your loved ones… the planet… Let that detail be the start of your feng shui’d journey!

This may seem simple, but its a powerful idea when put into action!

xoxo Dana


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