Getting To Paradise!

Jun 12, 2014 | Creativity

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Getting to paradise was a trip!  It can be.

I just arrived at Mirival, a gorgeous spa filled with glimmering crystals and pools and the sounds of nature. It is surreal here.  And its the very early moments of Mind Body Green’s first annoual Revitalize conference.  Starting soon, there will be a live-stream of some of the coolest people and most cutting edge ideas in Wellness.  You can check it out HERE . 

Getting to paradise is worth mentioning today.  I almost didn’t come. dana claudat

 (trying to grin & bear it)

I checked out my flight yesterday to learn that it was SMALL. Small for me is 50 seats.  Too small for me to bear.

I tried getting other flights.  All small.

I tried getting flight safety statistics.  That was even weirder.

I tried finding a way to fly and drive- it would have taken a full day last-minute.

Then, a voice said to me (literally, a voice of reason echoing at me as he listened to me making these frantic calls to the airlines):

You have to get on that plane.  You can not let fear run your life. In ten years you won’t want to leave your house if you start hiding from things now.

That struck a chord.

My mom was agaraphobic as a young adult.  She didn’t leave the house for most of a year of her life.  Intense panic would overwhelm her at unexpected moments, and it got to a point where she determined that she couldn’t go outside.  While she managed to work her way outside with friends over time, as a small child on more than one occasion we’d be headed in the station wagon to the grocery store and we would have to back the car up down the block and into the driveway again.  She’s drink some water from a bottle stashed in her purse, smoke a Virginia Slim and sometimes try again, sometimes not.

After having a massive panic attack at 18 I somewhat understood my mom’s rationale.  I saw myself making different decisions after that day, decisions creeping up on me.  Staying home instead of going out, choosing the closer option of two places to be… It was subtle, but it was escalating.

I snapped out of it, luckily, but I still had this idea in my head: It’s OK to not do something if I am afraid.

Guess what?

That idea was very destructive.

Its not OK to just quit when things get scary and its not OK to shrink from fear.

Have you experienced it: the slow shrinking of your world and your options because you are afraid?

I think we all do.

Some people know to fight through it, or face it, or to get professional help to face it.  Some people just hide out and think smaller because its safer.

But it isn’t really safer.

If I didn’t force myself onto a small plane today, I would not be in paradise right now.  In fact, had my friends not taken big risks, they woudn’t be here at this conference either!

I don’t think you need to be in harrowing situations to get to paradise. I do know that when harrowing obstacles pop up on the road, you have to go through them, over them or around them.

I know that I can’t sit still and let fear become bigger than me.  I’m very grateful for that voice- voices-  of reason that pushed me onto the plane.

If you’ve been hanging back because you fear something, step toward it instead. Big step, small step… but step!  Get help if you need help. But do keep moving.  Paradise is waiting!   xoxo Dana


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