The Biggest Idea To Create An Incredible Life In Every Way!

Jun 14, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

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Wellness. We all want more of it. Balance, too.

At the Mind Body Green Revitalize conference I just got the most profound message about wellness ever.

Everyone- every single person- has been groundbreaking in their own contributions to this big conversation on living well.

From Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey talking about food… and lots of kale…and creating more happiness, to Charlie Knoles talking about meditation sometimes hilariously and Dr. Sue Johnson making me see that LOVE rules the world for real…

Every single speaker, every moment, has been a lesson in one big thing…


This is soooooooo awesome. I had to run back to my hotel room to share little bits I think you can try for yourself right now!

xoxo Dana


  1. Karen

    Dana thank you sooo much for sharing your awesome experience(s) at MBG with all of us. MBG is completely new to me and I am loving the inspiring bits and pieces you are posting. Enjoy every minute while you’re there! XO

    • danaclaudat

      oh I’m so happy Karen! welcome to the future of wellness! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Ken

    Great experiences Dana. Very powerful and helpful. Soo true, to get more energy, eat qaulity food, the best is natural food ( organic food). Yesterday i have eaten out, in a restaurant, i don’t get energy from the food. Thanks for sharing Dana!
    Much Love to you!
    Stay beautiful and healthy! Ken

  3. Katie

    I love this! I tend to find in my life that I have periods where I just disappear from connection to other people. It’s nice for a weekend every now and again but not every other weekend. It’s like I started with the book group on faccebook. and then I just disappeared. Did anyone suggest ways to come back to connection at the conference? I am needing some connection in my life right now. I am again with no job and I seem to be following this horrible pattern and I want to end it. I want to stop what I am doing but don’t know what to do instead. ..

    • lna

      Katie- I like the Sea Change community over at Zen Habits… maybe take a look? It’s a good source of ‘things to do instead’ and is helping me get through some bad patterns.

      Dana, this was beautiful. I kind of got bummed about the intimate relationships part. I get to choose to meditate and choose what I eat and that’s what I can work on. I can’t force a relationship to happen- that makes me sad sometimes but I have to let go of that ideal. x

      • danaclaudat

        yes, its more the wilingness to be open to love… and to be more intimate with the people you love even if they aren’t your love relationship in a romantic sense… that fuels the connection to intimacy 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      watch Charlie Knowles talk on MindBody Gren from Revitalize. Meditation. Its the starting point!

    • danaclaudat

      yes I will be celebrating National Kale Day…:) and I’m going to share your talk a whole lot, too 🙂 x Dana


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