Feng Shui & Letting Love Transform Your Life

Jun 16, 2014 | Prosperity


Ametrine is a rare occurence.  Citrine and amethyst combine as they are elementally formed.  Actually, it is more of a side-by-side creation.

Amethyst, Leonardo da Vinci believed, could cast away evil thoughts and make the mind quicker.  The stories of amethyst range from a purification of physical energy to enhanced ability to connect to others telepathically.  I know that this is a wild proposition, but it is a beautiful story, nonetheless.

Citrine is the gemstone that is harmonious with intuition. Its lore includes an ability to uplift the spirit, clear away sadness and provide protection to people in its energy field.

Combine the two fables and stones and you have what might be considered the best of love: expansive, deeply connecting, an almost telepathic bonding, uplifting and protective.

If you believe you can exist as an island- seperate from others in significant ways- you are moving against nature.

To survive we create things together.  I’ve already talked about the wild anthopological need for community in order to exist– but today, we move into the sphere of love! calling in the one

I met Naomi Pabst this weekend. In fact, I more than met her, I wandered into her in a terracotta hallway and strolled into an intuitive reading with her. For all of you that know how much of an aversion I have to psychics this may sound shocking, but Naomi is a different type of intuitive: broad reaching and grounded in a doctorate and years of teaching at Harvard and Yale.  I had a feeling that whatever she said would shine a light on areas of life I hadn’t been looking at objectively.  It was all so  serendipitous I figured I would sit down for a few minutes with an open mind.

Needless to say, this woman is brilliant.

While it might be amusing to share the details of a ten minute exploration of Dana, you don’t need or likely want to hear it.  What is worth hearing:

Love will come to you in the proportion that you are ready for it.  If you are closed to love, you have to be willing to unlearn what you know about it to let in the love you need. 

I have paraphrased, but this is the gist.

I can see in people’s homes how ready they are for love.  Even if they are in a relationship, I can see how much they are bringing of themselves to their present love equation.

You can make changes in your bedroom- and your whole home- to reflect your openness to others, a willingness to share who you are, to collaborate in making life happen.

Even if that feng shui is “perfect” it’s not the whole thing.

Every day, you can start by becoming more present in life, even when you are not in your bedroom.

Naomi listened to me laugh about the crazy “work” that people do in Los Angeles (and around the world) to find love. I’ve been told by love gurus that past boyfriends were pedophiles (no, seriously, so totally crazy!) and I’ve been told that I need to dye my hair, join clubs I have no interest in… wear pounds of makeup… find a new way to talk… give up my career… ALL BY EXPERTS!  Big experts.

Love- I have always felt in the core of my being-  is not that much of a challenge.  I wrinkled my nose when she told me I should read and do the exercises in Katherine Woodward’s book Calling In The One.  

“Oh, I have that book. I read it.”

“Did you do it?” she asked.

“Well, no. I get what it’s about.  Healing the past, blah, blah, blah.”

“Maybe you should do it.”

With that I got up and thanked her.  I wasn’t sold.

Later that day, I realized I needed to be willing to do things that made sense… but also the things I resisted. I really talked to old friends and new ones with more presence.  I had my mind blown by the beauty of people that I never would have seen while hanging out  in my somewhat aloof (I am told) social persona at times.

I dragged out the book and opened to the first chapter.

A woman was described who had a near-death experience.  She remembered being asked two questions by a voice before being sent back to her life on Earth:

What wisdom have you gained in this lifetime? 

How have you expanded your capacity to love? 

Deep breath.

Less jaded and more willing to actually take steps to love even more- especially after hearing Sue Johnson talk about the life-changing, vital need we all have for intimacy- I am going to keep reading. And showing up. And showing up.

I hope you do, too!  

xoxo Dana

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  1. cami

    How incredibly brave of you Dana. I wanted to open up more to love in my relationship, to truly connect and be seen completely. Kim Anami has helped me do just that in her Coming Together Salon. I loved this article, sharing your experience of making a choice to put the work in to love more is inspiring.

    • danaclaudat

      Hi! Kim Anami is a dear dear friend and I just love that you work with her! Thank you so much for this message! xoxo Dana

  2. Maurice Ottey

    I am familiar with some of the work of Naomi Pabst. I’ve enjoyed it.


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