How To Revitalize… Wherever You Are!

Jun 16, 2014 | Creativity


Immersion in paradise is the easy way to revitalize.  The deeper you sink into nature, the more that the noise and static falls away and more of you can emerge.

It’s hard to face certain parts of who you are, especially the ignored parts and the parts that you have stuffed away like forgotten-about junk stuffed in a closet.

One beautiful truth about revitalizing that I realized recently: you don’t need to re-live the unwanted past to create a today that is radiant.  You do need to have the courage to show up for the day, fully, though…

In showing up, life becomes open. In openness, things become unlimited. In the unlimited, you can connect. And in connection, you have real intimacy that we all need, despite what the world may want you to believe!

Here is a bit of the Revitalize experience from Mind Body Green’s first ever conference in the desert.  It was a walking meditation, an unfolding of souls, a playground of expansion… and a place where renewal happened naturally under the stars. 



Montumental crystals that constantly get fuel from the sun brightened an idea: including the monumental energy of nature in bigger ways, even into an urban day, creates transformation.

There is immense beauty brewing under the surface of the Earth.  Even though we can’t see them being pulled together- or pulling themselves together-  these crystals are borne every day under our feet.  Life works in a similar way to nature.  If given the right space, the right ingredients and the right amount of energy surrounding any space, these rediculously beautiful pieces of rock candy are birthed.

Even though we can’t see what is being invisibly hatched in the cosmos around us, with the right ingredients and energy there are chemical reactions happening everywhere, creating gold from the poison in our lives. You can’t always see the change as it is happening, until, sometimes, you happen upon a gem that is proof of change.

Just because you can’t see it, change is happening everywhere. Keep flowing with the right ingredients, and even though you don’t see the change instantly, trust that it is being created.

It takes a long time to create a crystal. That’s structurally part of its power.

hanging plants

Think vertically and horizontally.  Life isn’t linear flat lines: it is an unfolding, multi-dimensional and endless expanse of space.  We can only experience as much of it as we can see and percieve.

When you add new dimensions- hanging plants, tall trees, long views, meditative introspection- to a space you create something much more natural and in tune with a broader and easier way to live.

Hanging these orbs of air plants created a transparent wall of wonder floating in the landscape of Mirival.  I wonder now if we can add them to the Mind Body Green office?

watermelon juice

Home to drinking pints of juice and eating buckets of organic berries.  Every single bite of food you eat changes your genetics.  Thank you Dr. Mark Hyman for this soundbyte of truth!

fun yoga

I had lots of color splashing on my yoga mat as Tara Stiles led what was the most fun- and dare I say boundary-breaking- Strala class!  Fun, ease, joy- these are only a few of the things that make Tara one of the greatest people on my planet and the experience of moving and stretching something that feels, finally, very natural.

A little natural movement- or a lot of it if you are walking around in tense thoughts, with a tense vision of the future- will soften things and make more room for growth.

In your home you need that same ease and breath.  A willingness to let go of extra things standing in your path will work in a similar, integrated way to make moving energy flow much easier.

majestic sky

Staring at majestic skies was a running theme of life in Paradise.  Under the crisp clouds and vast, searing stars at night, everything unfolds.

I can’t tell you how much this skygazing has cracked open my own worldview!

There is more room that we may think to let magic into our lives.  So much magic entered my life in a small slice of time that felt eternal.  Telling stories, revealing secrets, feeling taller, melting a bit more into life and all the love it has for us: that happens in the Unfettered and Unlimited.

Count a few clouds.  Look at the stars.  There is no way to deny that there is something humbling and broadening about our planet, our existence and our potential.

Connect more to sunrises, constellations, the moon and the infinite.  See how thoughts change in the face of the grand.  Make wishes.  Be willing to accept wishes when they arrive.

Revitalizing your life is all about connection.  The past and the future are not real. Right now is the only tangible thing in the world, and right now, you can choose to expand into this very vast moment.  I hope that you do!  xoxo Dana

PS:  you can watch highlights of the conference right HERE.


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