Apologies Make Life Lighter

Jun 17, 2014 | Prosperity


The fact that we have the ability to make the world lighter with sincerity, taking responsibility and making ammends is nearly alchemical power.  Today’s fast feng shui is a some life-clutter-clearing that is borne from apologizing!

In a rather Earth-shattering moment I just opened an email from someone I have not seen in almost 10 years. Our time knowing each other went more than sideways… it actually left me reeling.  I never blamed him for all that happened- it takes two to create a catastrophe and I am pretty sure I participated- and over time i thought about it less and less.  I was in a strange place in my own life so I found it hard to hold people accountable who matched my verion of being unhinged.

But, today I got an apology. A real one. Without blame, excuses, expectations or even a hint of insincerity.

While I could say I han’t thought about that time for quite a long time… reading these words just blew away so much darkness I had inside.

All is more than forgiven, it is now understood.

I didn’t think it was weighing on me- that whole very confusing time I thought I forgot about –  until I realized it was different after an apology.

Caroline Myss has said, “Healing requires taking action–it is not a passive event.”

While I have focused a whole lot of energy on who I have to forgive for what has happened to me  in the past (a somewhat passive way to look at things), when I read this letter I recognized that it was time for a more active view of my biography.

Perhaps I even a few apologies to give to people.

Do you have a few apologies to give?

xoxo Dana


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  1. Erika

    Really beautiful. Thanks, Dana.


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