Softening Up Your Space To Create More Emotional Freedom In Life!

Jun 17, 2014 | Home Style

faux fur



Faux fur is my ever-ready invitation to sink into a space.  Softening things up softens up barriers, melts down the rigidness of space, or thoughts and even emotions.  Some soft in a space can be key to freedom from the routine, the tense and the locked-up energy… creating more deep connection to life.

fur ottoman


I have talked a lot about how texture in space has been scientifically proven to affect our emotions. (*you can read more here) 

Texture is also magnetic. It is always incredible how much a big ball of faux fur can captivate, even in a room full of splashy brights.

faux fur

These little rugs are about ten dollars at IKEA and they create a whole new set of elevated floor mats.

fur beanbag

A fur beanbag is a super-sized invitation to sink in. My little puppy Bobby really needs one of these…and I’m so bummed that Pottery Barn stopped making them!

fur pillows


This idea is genius: layers of pillows with fur peeking out from behind.  Its as though you can melt your way through the pile to create your own nest while you hang out at home. This is a fantastic bedroom idea, too, as it asks you to enter and engage fully with the elements of a room.

Faux fur: I am forever a fan. When you luxuriously drape spaces in texture you give yourself permission to feel more. In this way, design becomes… therapy!  Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


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  1. maggie

    I am moving soon and my roommate and I were talking about faux furs…this post has convinced me they HAVE to be a part of our space.


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