The Power Of Moving Toward What Is Naturally Attractive!

Jun 17, 2014 | Creativity


If you didn’t know me, you would think I was a New Age crystal farmer!  Lately, I have been taking baths with white quartz, sunbathing my stones to charge them up and sitting on large hunks of citrine.   When someone pointed out with an eye roll that perhaps I was taking my love of stones to a strange hippie vortex I asked myself:

“What is it about these pretty rocks that I love so much?”

I realized- after not too much thought-  that all of these gemstones and minerals had one thing in common:

They are filled with Earth energy & I LOVE THEM.

This seems to be the real secret to beauty, magnetism and happiness:  raw energy and powerful attraction.


Perfection is the opposite of Nature.

I am very happy at the moment and my world is teeming with so much energy right now that it must be why I am so drawn toward mountains of crystals.

Gemstones may be splintered, shattered and even cracked… but the more fragmented and wild they are,  the more magnificent they are in their complexity.

The Earth doesn’t waste time polishing and perfecting every stone it makes.  Humans take these stones, isolate them, and then try to tumble and hack them into perfect jewel shapes.

But… real gemstones are far more beautiful and powerful when they are more natural.

People are, too.

If you have been trying to make yourself “perfect” in any way, here’s a suggestion: remove the mirrors from your house or cover them with pieces of paper that have your dreams written on them for a week.  Start getting a reflection of your truth, rather than the distortions that we see in mirrors.  I know its a weird exercise. Even just removing the mirrors will do the trick. Let your whole life be your mirror. If it look disheveled, get started with cleaning up!

Gemstones are masters of natural connection.  

We are all far better when we are connected than when we are apart.

Crystals are borne in Earth.  In feng shui, they are the element of Earth.

Everything is made from Earth element.  They don’t call her Mother Earth for no reason!

If you are lacking real connection to your home, your work, your purpose or the people around you, start by spending some time in Nature.  It is how my crystals recharge themselves overnight in the sun & moon shine, and it is how you can recharge yourself as well.

Love is the ultimate in creative forces- when it is natural.

Of course, the largest manifestation of connection we have on the planet is initmacy and love.

We have somehow twisted these ideas into something unnatural as a culture, associating love with games, pain, fear, anxiety and desperation.  If you are doing un-natural things to generate more love energy in your life, it will bring you father away from connection. It’s like trying to plug a giant piece of quartz crystal into a light socket.

Dr Sue Johnson, my new hero in the field of psychotherapy and love research, wrote a brilliant post about love and connection as a summary to all of the research she has done with couples over the years. It proves that love is truly what we all need… and that is is in our nature.

It’s un-natural to make it un-natural!

She writes (and I have selected only a few of the whole) :

” If I had to summarize the lessons I’ve learned from all these couples, they would look like this:

  • Our needs for others to come close when we call- to offer us safe haven- is absolute.

  • Emotional starvation is a reality. Feeling emotionally deserted, rejected, or abandoned sparks physical and emotional pain and panic.

  • There are very few ways to cope with our pain when our primary needs for connection are not met.

  • Emotional balance, calm, and vibrant joy are the rewards of love. Sentimental infatuation is the booby prize.

  • Key moments of bonding, when one person reaches for another and the other responds, take courage but they are magical and transforming.

  • Neglect will kill love. Love needs attention. Knowing your attachment needs and responding to those of your lover can make a bond last until “death us do part.”

  • All the clichés about love- when people feel loved they are freer, more alive, and more powerful- are truer than we ever imagined.

(you can read the whole piece HERE)

Do what creates happiness.

This trite “follow your bliss” idea is often met with a, “yeah, yeah, I know….”

But:  very few people actually do it!

The reason that crystal legends and metaphysics evolved was, at a very basic level, attraction. These stones attracted their earliest collectors.

If you are attracted to something, collect it. Create it. Move toward it.

Stay as grounded as a gorgeous stone and you won’t find yourself spiralling into your mind filled with unnatural thoughts.  If you have a hard time feeling grounded, THIS might help. 

Natural attraction creates the whole world on an impossibly minuscule molecular level.

You can complicate things all you want, but it really is that simple!

Enjoy more of what you love every day.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Jayne

    I love being in nature and bringing nature into my home. I am interested in bringing crystals into my spaces. Reading and seeing pictures of your, I have the itch to get started collecting. My question is…where do you get genuine crystals? There has been debates about knowing where to buy that crystals are in natural form, no radiation, coloring, etc. would love to know any sources you have used.

    Thank you…I love your emails and blogs!

    • danaclaudat

      I buy them from markets that buy from mines…! I hadn’t heard of this but now I’ll keep my eye out for internet sources that are also reliable!


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