Threads Of Genius Stitched By Ana Teresa Barboza!

Jun 17, 2014 | Uncategorized

embroidered landscapes

Threads of genius. That’s how I describe art that is embroidered into expanses of landscape, floral veils and animals that shine with life.  Ana Teresa Barboza elevates craft to a level of the cherished and the precious.  Watch them unfold and re-create themselves before your eyes… Shockingly beautiful!

embroidered landscapes

This is “creating out of the box”…

embroidered landscapes

Dipping into the animal kingdom, things get visceral.

ana teresa barbosa

The mix of craft, dimension and the wild is brilliant.
embroidered landscapes

From the body emerges the floral.. or from the floral emerges the body.

embroidered landscapes

Angelic and poetic.

There is something so organic about this highly crafted artwork, something so in line with body and soul in visual harmony. The ties that bind us all together are similar to embroidery thread- pliable and seamless, able to be wound and unwound,  delicate yet sturdy and blendable into webs that create our whole planet… and us, too!

You canexplore more of Ana Teresa Barboza’s work here.


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