The Long Haul vs. The Shortcut!

Jun 18, 2014 | Creativity

do what is right

 (inspirational collages) 

I’m not too sure that you can be constantly plotting ways to find the easy way and building stability at the same time.

I once knew a guy who was always looking for a shortcut. A faster way to get to anywhere we were going.  A faster way to get in shape.  A faster diet. A faster everything… And as a result, he also fast-faded from my life.  After a week of knowing him he sat me down after a dinner and told me he didn’t know what love is and that he was sure he wasn’t capable of it.  He was too busy trying to figure out everything else, working half the day on trying to find shortcuts, consuming himself in this quest to get ahead… by skipping steps. Everything landed on the surface of his life. For all the computation and scheming, he never got anywhere.

 Take the time.  Shortcuts aren’t really always faster.   xoxo Dana


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