Using Color To Expand Your Creative Spirit!

Jun 18, 2014 | Creativity

radiant orchid Color has influence.  It is alive in a sense, a series of waves, bounced off of an object and then spun through our mind and body to become what we know as a hue.  Color influence affects our whole life.

Western Medicine has softened itself to the idea that the mind infuences the body.  In a more expanded definition, the mind creates the body, or at least helps to organize its buzzing parts into a whole.  We are by our nature creative, literally fashioning ourselves moment by moment on an atomic level.

Creativity is something that science grasps at straws to understand at times, because it comes from such a richer place than just the brain: it is the force that is the origin of everything.

Today’s color ‘spiration with Radiant Orchid is all about harnessing the mysterious creative elevation that orchid brings to mind, body and maybe even the spirit of us as living beings!

radiant orchid

(conde nast traveler) 

Creativity is expansive. Radiant Orchid- in fact, all orchids and violets- resonates with higher awareness. That’s a more metaphysical definition at times, though color psycholgy also links the color to philosophers and visionaries.

If you are feeling stuck in a a smaller box than you feel your ideas and your purpose deserves, a bit of violet can widen the scope of your dreams and plans.  Brainstorm on violet paper.  Add some violet in art to spaces that feel disenchanted.

Art is borne of a relaxed openness to the world, not from a wired and efforted push to make things from your mind. If you are runing through the day saying that you “have to” or you “must” where creativity is concerned, you might be approaching a blank page, a blank canvas or even problems that require out-of-the-box thinking with too drive and too little receptivity.

radiant orchid

If you are feeling very rigorious toward your creative life, lacking fun and vital energy, add some orchid pillows to a corner and sit and meditate.  Put an orchid or some violet flowers on your desk and turn from the computer screen to contemplate them.

Even if you don’t reach for the color orchid, you may want to listen to its symbolic message.  It is interesting that the color that is physiologically linked to meditative transcendence is also symbolically the color of royalty, of Outliers and one-of-a-kind creatives.   Kind of a big deal: excellence & transcending ourselves into the realm of the creattive are historically linked.

It is also worth noting that the mysterious nature of violet throughout history pervades its story, much mirroring the myserious powers that we grant to great artists that exercise the natural ability we all have to open up to the flow of creativity.

Orchid is a lesson in freeing yourself  as a practice from the confines of the linear, the “I have to’s” and pressure.  This isn’t an invitation to space out and sit on a rock in oblivion.  It is a message to allow creativity to enter your life and learn to relax into that inspiration… rather than chase it!

Relax more. Let art flow through you.


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