Vintage DIY Inspiration To Create A Magical Garden Anywhere!

Jun 19, 2014 | Creativity

Vintage DIY Inspiration To Create A Magical Garden Anywhere!


(ruffled blog)

Old tea tins, soup cans and tea cups can become the home of new seedlings.  In merging the vintage and the botanical when cobbling together a garden, you get the ultimate in eco-friendly and dynamic.

Here is some very easy, clever, and feng shui inspired inspiration to start growing a magic garden anywhere- and everywhere- around you!

In feng shui, nature and wood energy are the creative forces that stretch the boundaries of your mind and spirit. Plants also clean your air and breathe life into your space.

Vintage DIY Inspiration To Create A Magical Garden Anywhere!

If you can’t bring a garden outside, pile one up inside your home.  There are no “right ways’ to do this as long as all your plants flourish!

Vintage DIY Inspiration To Create A Magical Garden Anywhere!(etsy)

Pretty up a backyard garden and add a strong, energizing vertical line with a ladder.

Vintage DIY Inspiration To Create A Magical Garden Anywhere!

(land of nod)

Land Of Nod will teach you how to make this planter… right HERE.  Of course, I want to make one with gemstones and jute!

jello mold planters


If you want to add some shine to your centerpiece, try a few vintage copper jello molds to hold your plants. Incidentally, you can get the best old bundt pans, jello molds, vintage ice cream scoops and more on Etsy!

solar mason jars

Solar mason jars are an absolute MUST for my own patio garden… and they can light up your window sills inside, too! THIS tutorial is beyond easy to make your own. 

ice cube tray planter

Ice cube trays make cozy planters for tiny plants and seeds… especially when they are vintage and sturdy. Organized Clutter really nails this idea in their fairy garden inspiration…!

Plants bring life.  Vintage brings history and story.  Mix the two together and you have an enchanted space!


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  1. maggie

    I think live plants bring such, well, life to a home! I love this post.


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