Synchronize Your Life With Nature To Create The Amazing!

Jun 23, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


The best things are natural, even when they are man-made.  Synchronizing with nature creates the amazing!

When Chihuly made these massive blown glass balls and piled them together, letting them spill from a canoe into a lily pond, a sort of dance with the primal was borne. It is very hard to look away from these illuminated color orbs, delicate and solid at once, as they almost impossibly float before your eyes.

These glass balls and lush woods together sparked a whole stream of laced-together ideas that I had to share because it suddenly made sense: a life of greatness is borne of this dance.  Greatness springs from being one with Nature.

Ready to have a much more vivid life?  Here are a few ideas to sync up your life with the powerhouse of free-for-all energy available to each and every one of us!


These ideas may seem simplistic, but they are not.  Grab one and let it color a day.  See how you are moved toward having a stronger voice, a feeling of more freedom, a broader sense of ideas…or even just a tiny escape from the endless loop of thoughts and even worries that have kept you in one place that you are ready to move past.  If you wake up in the morning on automatic, grabbing your coffee and hitting “go” to a cycle that has you keeping up with yourself rather than making your mark, this is your grab bag of exciting thoughts!

Live in terms of organic visual harmony.  Visuals in your world range from your walk to the corner store to the art on your walls, the way your office looks, your home overall… and every element of style you bring into your life.  You don’t have to wear colors that match, your wardrobe just needs to resonate with who you are and how it makes you feel.  Add organic forms to your space- blown glass, curving lines, houseplants and even great landscape photography if you want- that give you more of a flow to space. Be as eclectic as your heart desires, but marry that eclectic with a sense of joy in how you are styling your life.  Rigid and rigorous – the buttoned up suit and the hyper-modern furniture- have their place, but don’t let them overwhelm and confine your mind and yourself.

Get yourself grounded in your day.  Go outside barefoot.  Jump up and down in one place in your city apartment.  Feel the ground under your feet.  Take a bunch of deep breaths before embarking on a new task.  Here are even more ways to get grounded.  They are indispensable.

Feel your own cycles of energy beyond the caffeinated and manufactured.  Stop wrestling with your own energy with pings of caffeine and tons of sugar.  See more sunlight in the morning whenever you wake up.  Dim your lights at night to get closer to the sleep patterns of the skies.  If you can rise and shine with the sun, all the better.  Here, the idea is to not fake your energy.  Fake energy takes us away from the current of power that makes us come to life.

Eliminate what you are forcing. What are you forcing? A project? A friendship? A situation where you want your way? Anything forced will push back upon you just as hard as you shove it. There’s a difference between working with intensity, focus and passion and FORCE.  You know the difference.  One makes you excited. The other will help you to feel crushed and small and introverted.

Stay in motion.  Even a quick walk or a stretch can re-calibrate your circulation. A great shower can even be a fresh start to a cycle of motion.

Keep making life look like more of what you love. Here’s a little vintage You Tube on more of Nature and our true being to put the icing on today’s dance with Nature. Get in sync.  You will love what comes next… because its easy, open and magnificent life when you are in this flow!

xoxo Dana



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