Can You Feel The Energy Of Everything Around You?

Jun 24, 2014 | Sensory Goodness



Everything has energy.

This is a magnificent hunk of nearly black amethyst that was seething and shimmering like water in a sunrise with a life force so profound I can feel it from across a room.  I call it a Dana Magnet because, well, I will always be drawn to this type of complex simplicity and intense, naturally-connected energy.

Now, depending on your perspective and sensitivity, this might just be a rock.

Or it might be a beautiful-to-behold rock and nothing more.

When I start working with people in spaces, one of the first things I say is that EVERYTHING has energy. 


Every single thing around you- from the computer beneath your finger tips to the pavement you walk on outside, your fork and your sofa.

Everything has energy. 

Now, natural crystals have that ability to conduct the electricity of life. This has been measured.  It is why we use quartz in some watches, computer chips and other technological wonders.  It is not just a New Age notion.  Even rubies are used in lasers. There is a potential energy in these stones that is quantifiable by science.

But, if you feel it when you embrace a stone, does science have to be there to provide proof that your stone, indeed, has energy?

Science is confined by the limits of what has been tested, so it has inherent limitations that do not create absolute truths.

That said, even science can confirm that your computer, the pavement, your fork and sofa are, indeed, not “dead” but, rather, a complex series of infinitely small, buzzing particles drawn together by bonds that we have only a partial awareness of, though they do exist.

Everything has energy.  

This is why space has such an impact upon life.  Everything is alive: buzzing, connecting, shifting, contracting and expanding.

In Buddhism, inanimate objects can attain enlightenment. The reason?  Thousands of years ago, those who were still enough and clear-minded enough to imagine life if these wide abstractions could see objects change to mirror the energy of people around them.

You may not feel the energy of your space right now.  But I bet you will if you tune in.

Take a walk in the fresh air.  Look at the landscape, the cityscape, the vastness of far away and even the microscopically close. When you are home again, take a tour of your house. Where are you attracted. What do you feel?

Now, dust a bit.

Do the same walk around.

Feels different, right?

Clear clutter and it will feel even more different.

Really clear the air in your home and that feeling will be amplified.

And as you go, stripping away all the numbness in your own senses along with the dullness of objects in your life, you will find them come to life.

Because, of course, everything is energy.

If something doesn’t feel right, change it’s energy.  Edit the document.  Rewrite the blog post.  Take new photos. Try a new color.

If something was good and has turned terrifically difficult, retune your energy then return to it and see if it’s easier.  Some quiet time, long walks, art making… they tune up your energy so you can see things with fresh eyes.

Try it.  It may be extremely easy, but it will forever change your view of life and perhaps even turn everything into enchantment.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Parker

    YOU are high voltage energy, to be sure


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