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Jun 25, 2014 | Prosperity

believe in magic

I think it is fair to say that if you don’t believe in the magical you won’t experience it.  Even if magic presents itself, you might reject it, toss it back to wherever it came from, run from it or even destroy it. After all, the vastly beautiful, intensely serene out-of-body experience at times that is magic in many forms is very unfamiliar.  If you want to explain it away, stick it in a category or otherwise diminish it, you can and probably will.

Yesterday, in a way very uncharacteristic of me I had a palm reading by a brilliant friend. It seemed fun at the time. What is was…. more of a thematic essay, an overview mainly of my past that led me to today and how it might inform my future.   He had me hold up my left hand and look away, not acknowledging, answering or even flinching. The words flew fast and furious. And a central theme emerged quickly (the only real reason I am sharing this palmistry with you today!) —

Just because something comes easy to you doesn’t mean it isn’t an extremely important thing. Not everything has to be gained by killing yourself with work to have it. 

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The thing about magic is that it flows with ease.

We all need magic. Our electricity of life needs that infusion of wonder to thrive.

I viewed everything that arrived in my life in the past as less valuable than the hard things that felt wrong.  Hard was noble.  Easy was not to be trusted.

Sound familiar? 

Every crazy-amazing business opportunity, relationship, bit of money or stroke of  adventure that was simple and just arrived like a sleight of hand out of nowhere was greeted with great suspicion.  Looking back at the story of my life- giving up major opportunities, hiding out rather than taking very big gifts from the universe, choosing the path of working so hard that it hurt because it was “noble & trustworthy” – I can see my palm reading come to life.

I was afraid of magic.

Are you dismissing the gifts the world has given you because they are highly suspect, too unfamiliar and perhaps you’ve come to believe you are undeserving… at least without blood, sweat and many tears… to have such good fortune? 

I will never ever do that again!

Now, when magic arrives, I am open to it. I can grasp it.  I can be that happy, calm and deserving.

I feel that everyone should be open to more magic.

After all, it’s in those moments of quiet, grace and simplicity that you can transform your life in ways that matter. For example: deciding you deserve more happiness, better health, an easier life, to demonstrate more compassion. All these things usually come through moments of peace where magic looms large.

Creating space for the kind of synchronicity to enter your life that can only be quantified in our language as magic or luck is life-changing.

There is no one single formula to find magic.

There are a few things you can try in your home & life  to create more openness where you have been closed.

Journal your heart out… and listen for themes.  Grab a journal- even a notebook- and pour down ideas, thoughts, grocery lists… and see what it fills with over a week or two.  You will see themes pop up.  These themes- I don’t want to do this, I feel like I am being forced to do this… I wish I could… I can’t afford… I shouldn’t do that… – are a way to see exactly how you, personally, have locked up your life to the good. Once you can see anything, you can handle it.  And, if you can’t handle it alone, you will know what kinbd of help you need.

Massively declutter your life of obligations that waste your time.  What wastes your time?  You know, what did you say “yes” to because you “should”.  A very wise and magical man recently taught me that “should” is a very dangerous word.

Open up space in your home.  Clear counters. Organize storage.  Dare to get rid of furniture.  Create more clear space.

Live with more art. While these bullet points are a vast simplification of big concepts, I promise you that if you put the art that makes your life feel incredible in places where you can see it, that energy will move through you.  If you are really cynical and perhaps a bit gun-shy about life, you may roll your eyes right now at the thought of art that can transform you within a space.  If you are willing to dare to drop your guard and seek out images that move you, even family photos, and place them all in full view in your home, every day you walk past, you will feel as well as see their magic cracking open even the most cynical in its light.

I will leave you with one last thought about magic that I have observed and sadly lived too many times.  There are people you will share magic with… and in response they will analyze, tear-apart, and try to show you “practically” how the trick works and why you are foolish to think that magic is real. You are better off letting those people all hang out together, while you move into your brilliance in your own beautiful space.

Things can actually be easy AND totally right all at once if you let them be.  xoxo Dana

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  1. Sey

    Thank you, this is so telling about my real desires! I’ve always believed in magic since I was a little girl, and my life has always been full of it, but I’ve always been careful to dodge people who put me down for my beliefs and opinions on magic. I just turned 29 this week and thanks to your post, it reminded me to stand strong with my beliefs more than ever!



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