Space Shifting With Industrial Shelving!

Jun 25, 2014 | Home Style

industrial shelving

(via Real Living) 

This tear sheet from Australia sums up everything to love about industrial shelves- sturdy, creating giant display areas, geometrically sound and able to be painted and styled to suit your style.  Since I am always hunting for new ways to create space transformation, organization, storage, and yes, balance in homes, exploring the many ways to bring in industrial-strength space solutions is the design ‘spiration of the day. 

industrial kitchen


I really like the open pantry in this kitchen. While I admit it is hard to maintain this in a kitchen if you have kids- or a whirlwind life- but it is a beautiful concept to bring what is usually on the inside of a pantry to the outside to create lots of visual possibility and action.

industrial shelving


When made of wood- or even metal- you have a stunning stage to display collections!

pantry shelves


Here, the open pantry look is actually inside a pantry.

industrial bookshelf


You can fashion your own bookshelves, making room to mix in some art and crafts, too!

industrial shelves

(via bhg)

And here, for an office you have hospitality in simplicity.

There’s no need to hunt for expensive design when you have a big problem like storage to solve.  Some creative thinking can turn a wall into industrial shelving available everywhere from hardware stores to thrift shops.   Construct your shelves to fit your needs.  Style shelves to showcase your personal goodies that feel like a mess everywhere else in your home. While it’s not the clean perfection of a build-in cabinet or bookcase storage solution, its still absolutely amazing feng shui and perhaps even bigger style than something too perfect.


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  1. Q

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in my home office. Lots of great styling ideas here. I really feel the need for a nice metal shelf in there since everything else is wood. I’m trying to balance it out. 🙂

  2. Farrah

    So adorable. Great post! I’m having a conflict on how my kitchen utensils would be presentable. But thanks for the idea. Looking forward for more shelving inspiration! 🙂



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