Adding One Good Thing To A Room To Make It Spectacular!

Jun 26, 2014 | Home Style

minimalist beautiful


Some rooms are simply extraordinary.

There are a few elements of the room above that make it memorable.  We could strip the room of all but the sofa and coffee table and still have something to brag about.  Add the pendant lamp and the Marilyn Minter glitter eye photo and we have something over-the-top that makes my heart happy.

In the pursuit of more balance and feng shui’d flow in design, I am always looking for ways to take simplicity and embellish it in personalized ways.  Here are some memorable ideas to take a simple room and shake it up a bit by adding just one good thing!

infinity symbol

(coco & kelley)

While this room wins no big feng shui awards in my eyes… the infinitely simple infinity sign positioned on the wall turns something of empty space into a capivating bedroom!

room swing


Going big and easy: installing a swing sets a room in motion.   It is not a quick room fix, but with a little commitment to proper installation, your home will be unforgettable!

big bean bag


Big bean bags do wonders for space….softening lines and helping you to sink in!

plant on a pedestal


When a plant goes on a sturdy pedestal or a stool it becomes as strong a presence as a tree.  If you want to enhance the life force of a room, this is a great fix, sending nature soaring high!

You don’t need to remodel or re-decorate to have a whole new groove at home.  Sometimes all you need to do is one good thing. If you have a feeling you know what the one good thing is that can flip your space, give it a go!

xoxo Dana


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  1. Katie

    This is my inspiration for this weekend! Thank You! I was having a down moment and this just lit a fire for me!


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