Airy Spaces With Lots Of Breathing Room!

Jun 27, 2014 | Home Style

airy decor

(planete deco) 

Overstuffed spaces do not allow a lot of room to stretch, grow or breathe. Sometimes color helps you to settle into a space: energizing, adding an exclamation point or a dose of whatever elements you need to be optimal.  Color can be a visual vitamin.

That said, sometimes you need room to breathe and just “be”.  These spaces are filled with the airy wonder that floats between moments…

airy decor


Just the right amount of visual interest keeps a spacious room from floating away. The giant coffee table works wonders to keep us on the Earth with our heads still in the clouds.

airy decor

A little Lucite keeps things floaty.

airy decor


You may not be able to wholly transform a space… but why not try a partial wall of light-infused paint?!

airy decor

(a beautiful mess) 

Floaty fabrics, sheer voile, turns to sheets of glowing architecture.

airy decor

And of all the wondrous things that this room is, the main thing is… expansive. As decor- and relaxation, and love- should be!

Find room to breathe in just one room.  Let it open up your life.

xoxo Dana


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  1. Adagio


    All feng shui miracles come down to just these two things:

    1. Bring as much air as possible
    2. and as much LIGHT.

    Ok, there is one more factor, negative chi, diminish too fast energy flows, poison arrows, narrow corridors, edgy furniture.

    We humans can’t live without AIR and LIGHT!
    So much for the diet marketing. We can eat many wild and crazy things, but hey…
    air and light? Try to take them away from your life and see what happens 😉
    Oh and all plants need exactly the same: air and sunlight.

    This is why i think New Yorkers get it- they build big windows which bring what?
    Air and light.

  2. Jeanne

    I love how these rooms are so clutter free! I am not sure why, but clutter is a magnet! They seem to be tiny bits of energy that have to real purpose but to be annoying! My goal this week is to really declutter, not organize it but get rid of it once and for all! Then, ah simple, tranquil abode 🙂


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