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Jun 27, 2014 | Creativity

trust life a little bit



It has come to my attention that it is not enough to trust yourself.  That’s a great starting point, since you know what is best for you. But… then… lest you should live on an island alone, trusting others becomes a big part of the equation of all things you do on this planet.

If you are overly-stressed, trying to control things rigidly, feel diminished by your friends, feel trapped by circumstances or otherwise do not feel at ease in your day, cultivating a little more trust in life may be a very good thing. 

damien hirst

(damien hirst spins order in chaos)

I constantly hear somewhat Pop-styled psychology terms  like “you are closed… ” or “you are so open”… “get out of your own way”… ” or “trust the Universe.”  If you are anything like me, you find little comfort and solace in ideas that are too abstract and mean very little in themselves.  Also, I am not the hugest fan of the idea that any Universe has an effect on me blindly, even if it is a loving and good Universe.

How do you unwind a need for control, excessive worry, a feeling of being trapped… all these angst-filled feelings that, when summed up, equal misery?

I’m sure I don’t have an answer to all of that!

Except for a simple one. It is the only idea that ever did anything to really move me out of very shitty situations and into light.  It helped me end my constant run of being a victim. And it showed me why I kept doing things that were not good for me, even when I knew that they were wrong.

It’s a very simple view of the big term “karma”.

If you can get even bit of a foothold in the idea that we create our lives in thoughts, words and actions, its a massive amount of freedom waiting for you.

What if you took the worldview that you created everything you are experiencing right now?

What if you could look at life that way without blaming yourself?  

What if you could sort of shake people free who aren’t a part of what you want to create?  

What if you could find your way to freedom by being willing to accept responsibility for what you are making of your days? 

This is the only way that I have ever learned to actually “trust in life” and feel more freedom. Hopefully it will help you to do some of the same if you feel a bit too tightly-wound and full of fear.

Here are a few ideas to design more of that freedom into your environment: 

Get rid of items that have super-negative memories and associations. The more you let go of things that carry you away to a bad place, the more freedom you will feel.  The happiest memory of a very dark time of illness was having my best friend march out of my house with some very expensive art from a very toxic person that hung prominently in my relationship area.

Take super-amazing care of your home.  I am the crazy person who touches up baseboards and puts candle wax beneath drawers to make them pull more smoothly.  I am the same person who sweeps shared stair cases and washes windows that aren’t mine.   After all, if I inherit a situation and refuse to deal with it, I have accepted it.  Can you think of ways to take a bit more care for your home, even if it is “not your job”?  Nothing is “the way it is.” Most everything can be improved if you are willing to invest the time and energy instead of just accepting what makes you feel bad.

Shine more light on things.  If a space is too dark, my first thought is: “What don’t you want me to see?”  A little more light illuminates life. Think of this literally- more sun, adding a lamp- and metaphorically- more happiness, more compassion.

And… whatever you do, I do hope you do much more of what makes you happy. That is always good karma 🙂

xoxo Dana


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  1. Erika

    Thank you, Dana! This is just perfect for the moment.

  2. Michelle

    Hi Dana!

    I wonder – when you suggest taking super amazing care of your home — how much do cars — come into the mix of making — excellent freedom in karma? I ask because I have an oil leak in my very old ( its a 1995 camry) and its leaving stains everywhere I park it…My sister and my dad noticed spots on their drive ways….not to mention the enviromental issues….Is it in my best interest to buy a new ( new – to me – used) car?

    Thanks so much for your feedback.

    I love LOVE! your site,


    • danaclaudat

      New, environmentally friendly car— YES! Cars are an extension of us. This isn’t a material observation, just another manifestation of how out internal world is mirrored by our external world. 🙂

  3. Katie

    Doing this today! Right now! Need too! 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      you are awesome katie! always a great day hearing from you!



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