How To Detox Your Life From Fear

Jun 29, 2014 | Prosperity


Bob is on board with everything I do. He unconditionally loves me.

Very few people (yes, he’s a person!) are that way.

Fact: we all have plenty of things to worry about if we think hard enough about everything.

I say, don’t think too hard.

When things are right, they are right.

The funny thing is- not everyone will trust your judgement. Or… better said… not everyone will be excited about your passion for life and your decisions to bring more happiness to your life.

Well-meaning (or not) friends and family and random folks will not always high-five your ideas, your plans or your decisions.

The worst part is that they can spin your head full of fear.

That fear is poison. It can unlock all sorts of worries and attract to it all kinds of bad events to prove that, yes, you should be afraid.

BUT: You should not be afraid!

Here’s a little exercise that can help you to identify who and where you have safe space… so you can live without being shattered by other people’s fears.

It is easy… but man does it work!


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xoxo Dana


  1. Ken

    Very good topic Dana! Indeed friends can spin your head full of fear and nonsense. That’s why i don’t tell friends everything. Sometimes to protect yourself, i use an affermation in silence- inapplicable for me. I am in line with my higher self.
    Keep it up Dana! Thanks!
    Bytheway i like your smile! xoxo

  2. Jeanne

    Wow! I just had MAJOR deja vu with this exercise. I know I have done this exercise before (though I cannot remember where) and you are right! There are some people who you can trust completely with all of those thoughts and ideas without “fear” of judgement and others who you cannot trust. We need to accept and love people as they are yet seek out those who support our goals and dreams to the fullest! Awesome post 🙂


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