Sam Falls Color Wonders Collaborate With Nature!

Jun 30, 2014 | Life With Art

sam falls

Sam Falls creates instant enchantment for me.  His play with paint washes and geometric fields of out-of-the-ordinary color upon fabric and landscape imagery is an orchestrated elevation of life.  The way he uses everything from soft textures to more massive sculptural plates to reconfigure buildings and big trees in space is extraordinary.  A bit of Donald Judd, Dan Colen, Rauchenberg and Instagram filters rolled into a new visual vocabulary, this work is a bold way to see life that is thoroughly 21st Century.

I want to live with them, collect them with clients and basically just admire them, intently.

Oh… I think you are going to love these!!!

sam falls

Palms and paint on paper…

sam falls

So soft and yet string, the texture feels spun by hand and emerges from the wall gracefully.

sam falls


A little toast to John Baldessari and David Hockney in juicy color and modern flair.

sam falls

This goes to an extreme… creating a new place to be by seeing an ordinary view interpreted.

color sam falls

Take me to this land of magenta!

sam falls

And while you can almost miss the trees beneath this other space, you can’t help mut see them giving birth to all this action.

Art can sometimes fashion an alternative universe that more aptly desribes the way that things are through our eyes and emotions.  When I see a landscape, it evokes a whole series of emotions. Sam Falls superimposes them upon spaces like a Photoshop filter gone brilliant. There can never be enough ways to see, to feel and to communicate…!

I can’t wait for Sam Falls  2014 Fall exhibition in Los Angeles…. and… in the meantime… you can find more of his work HERE.



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