5 Ideas To Help You Style Your Own Brilliant Life!

Jul 5, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


We talk a whole lot about lifestyle these days, but really, what we don’t talk enough about is styling life.  When I say this I mean: we think a lot about a lifestyle that is categorized as “healthy” or “worldly” or “family oriented” and we can come up with lots of champions of each “lifestyle.”  But what I find more real and realistic and lovely and powerful is styling life.  The great news is that you can start styling life now and simply, while adopting a full-fledged, somewhat packaged lifestyle can take a very long time and may never quite fit you right.  So, this week’s big idea is Life Styling. 

Life Styling.  Lets start simple.

1. Style your clothes a bit.

While I will never be a cowgirl by any stretch of the imagination, spending time in the mountains and about to go fly fishing, I found my way into a fantastic handmade hat at the market this morning.  A little styling with a friend’s vest and the bits of semi-acceptable walking-around clothes and I found my version of country!

You can add a little color, take jackets on or off, whatever suits you… just stroll through your wardrobe for a few minutes and ask yourself if the clothes you have actually suit you, or if they are things you thought were a good idea because they were “in style.”  Only keep what you love.  Collect pieces you love.  Toss them together as you see fit.  That’s your style.  The more you own it the more your personality will be amplified by your style.



2. Find your version of energy-boosting.

While you may be one for a quick burst of sugar, it may leave you dragging.  See if you can find a holistic version of energy in something visual, holistic or otherwise nourishing.  Whether you keep snacks in your car or find a fabulous fountain that gives you cool, flowing energy on your desk at work, a holistic energy boost is where it’s at.  Extra light is always a good one.  Installing an extra light or opening curtains can be your new coffee!

fresh jam

3. Go for handmade.  

Some handmade items in your life- handcrafted lipgloss or carpets- go big or go small- bring that love of the authentic to your world. A great place to start is a little DIY beauty.  I happen to be attached to a face masque of honey (yes, straight honey) and a great handmade blanket.


4. Think natural.  

In addition to adding a little of the handcrafted, also try some natural goodies.  If you are lucky to have a farmers market nearby you are all set to create more nature on your plate every day.  Houseplants, growing fresh grass, even getting a juicer to juice for yourself… all handling nature in excellent ways!

keep calm

5. Find your calm. 

I am a firm believer that every life needs its center.  That center is calm. A walk around the neighborhood, a swim, a bath, even just sitting on a pillow and breathing— all simple ways to find calm.  Some people I know find their calm in action.  High-endurance exercise is where some find their balance.  Experiment and find a way that works!

Fundamentals of life styling are really intuitive.  You don’t need to make a monumental investment of time or money to live much better than you are now.  You do need to find more ways to connect to the energy that is you at your own core, that reflects the best of you most profoundly.

These ideas can be your starting point for styling a “lifestyle” that is undeniably supportive and helps you make your dreams come true.  Plus: I promise you will be happier!  xoxo Dana


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  1. Laurie

    Love this!!! XO

  2. Charin Adams

    Love it! 🙂 I went through my closet this weekend and just dropped two big boxes of clothes off at Goodwill. They’re not my style and they never really were…but I was holding on to them like I HAD to keep them. Feeling lighter and more organized already! 😉


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