The Power Of Living Close To Your True Nature!

Jul 7, 2014 | Creativity

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You don’t see these everyday!

Emerging from a nature immersion of sorts for a long weekend, I can tell you that the sites, sounds, quietude and majesty of actual nature can be emotionally and physically unmatched.  Waking up with the sun and a bird symphony, wandering through fields, floating down a river, admiring a seeming thousand stars in the clear darkness…

In all this soaring scenery that has its own harmony and order, I captured lots of thoughts about living closer to one’s true nature.

Knowing who you are and what you are all about is vital in order to really thrive.

The man-made world, counterintuitive to Nature on many counts (hence the wildlife crisis, the climate crisis, and the epidemics of stress tearing us apart as a society), is not very friendly with the idea of living close to true Nature.

Birds don’t watch YouTube videos and read gossip columns and stay out all night or work like crazy or tell themselves how much they don’t measure up to other birds.  At least, I am betting they don’t!   They do wake with the Earth, sing to communicate clearly to one another,  fly to where they can thrive,  fly away from danger and do their best to leave behind a legacy of themselves that can also thrive.

We also have a true Nature that is equally simple, even if it is layered in lots of complexity on the surface. Uncovering more of that Nature will free up tons of energy that has been obscured in lots of “stuff” that seems normal to daily life.


Art is a very big part of my true nature.  Whether discovered on a desolate Denver street or posted in a blue-chip gallery in Chelsea,  doodled on a page or accidently happened upon in a day when art just appears… Art makes me very much more of who I am, and helps me to strip away complexity to feel more open and simple.

My first question for you today is this:

What do you do- even if you don’t do it often- that makes you feel vibrantly alive? 

If you do it often, chances are you are living close to your core of truth.

If you are not living with the things you love flowing through your life, my next question is much more vibrant:

what are you afraid of

The biggest question ever is always about fear.

What are you afraid of?

Whether we want to admit it or not, it is always some sort of fear that stops us from being who we are.

That fear keeps you far from your truth.

Fear prevents flying freely.  Fear keeps you stuck instead of allowing you to move to the spaces that make you feel alive.  Fear is the stuff that creates more complexity than anyone needs.  Fear adds drama. Fear erodes trust.

If there is one thing you can do to be much more of who you are, I promise you that amazing power comes from staring into the face of fear and moving through it as many times as possible, as often as you can.  That feeling will cease to be fear the more you confront it; it will present itself as a brilliant opportunity to become a bigger, brighter, better you instead.

Being more of who you are may be unfamiliar at times… but it is completely beautiful and immensely empowering.  It is well worth stepping out of the bounds of your familiar and even the “comfortably numb” to find real peace in true happiness.

xoxo Dana



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