Be Willing To Do The Work!

Jul 8, 2014 | Uncategorized

nothing worth having comes easy


I’m not sure that the word work is used in an appropriate way any more.

We tend to think of work as something mind-numbing or forced or obligatory.  Work can also be thrilling, revealing, creative and a total joy.

I had a professional intuitive (*ahem, to know me is to know how I feel about psychics) tell me recently that I would have in my life exactly what matched the amount of work I put into what I was doing in terms of both career success and love and friendships, too.

Now, she is quite brilliant but what she told me was very rational and nothing too revolutionary.

The thing is, I was unwilling to really invest time in doing work in certain parts of my life because I felt they were less vital than others.  As a consequence, I threw myself into the things that “worked” in my life and I totally ignored things like exercise, love, even friendships.

I was fixated on work for the sake of work. Not work to create a life that was amazing.

Becoming willing to work- to really dig in and show up and give- across the boards in life is where balance comes from.

You can’t feng shui your home by just piling up lucky charms in the money corner.

You can’t create an amazing life by only focusing on one thing.

Everything matters.

And for all that you flow out from your life into any direction, that will come back in some way. It may not be instant. But it always comes back.

Stop thinking about getting and start giving. It is such freedom!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Katie

    I keep thinking about the work I should be doing and how it looks like to invest in it. My therapist keeps telling me that I am putting in a lot of effort and really working on it and that while I am in a waiting period as I am right now it’s almost like detoxing. I am waiting for a job.. waiting to get over my sugar addiction. waiting for bloodwork to come back. waiting is work.. it’s very hard to do. Thanks for the insight!


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