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Jul 8, 2014 | Prosperity


(Edie Nadelhaft) 

When a series of art nails a concept so simply, it is worth sharing and sharing.  Here, Edie Nadelhaft’s little pills full of Internet shorthand (IMHO, LMAO, WTF, TTYL and all others that you’ve likely typed a zillion times) form the visual demonstration of this very big idea of the day to build a better life.

We spend lots of time in finding easier ways to do everything. Faster. Sleeker. Shorter shortcuts.

These little fast feng shui tips, for instance, are insanely popular.

That’s not always a good thing!

Quick fixes are fine for simple things.  Quickie ways to hack your life are like bad drugs when you try to use them to create the foundation for important things. One fix feeds another fix and soon you wonder why everything fell apart.

Essentially, there are no magic pills. But there are magical ways to re-calibrate your days! 


(Edie Nadelhaft) 

If you want a better life,  try to slow down and become more conscious. 

Sloppy, lazy, scattered shorthanded living can get very messy very fast.

We live in a very packaged digital society, and there’s no turning back.

That said, we are not robots.  Our human capacity for empathy is what seperates us from other forms of life.  If we lose empathy, we may as well be pigeons.  Seriously!

When is the last time you wrote someone a letter? A handwritten note? A card? 

*It might be a good time to try it. 

Becoming more present and more awake is a massive form of life transformation. It starts with being more tactile, more personal and more connected to your life.

Try avoiding shorthand for a bit.  Try cooking instead of going out to eat.  Don’t look for an easy way, look for a way that feels honest and right.  Handmade instead of readymade. 

On a very basic level, practice a bit more self-awareness and gain more clarity.

Wash your windows. Clean your mirrors. Keep a journal. 

Do you see where I am going with this idea?

Slow down. Wake up.

You know where you zone out and try to take the easy way out.

Stop yourself from living in shorthand.

It will feel strange at first, but when you see how your life changes, you will love it!  xoxo Dana


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