Olivia Steele’s Visceral Neon Poetry

Jul 8, 2014 | Life With Art

olivia steele Happening upon electric words scrawled with fire across street bricks, lush leaves and dreamy imagery, a type of synergy happens that takes words and fills them with feeling.

Words are funny. They are empty without context, inflection, emotion and energy behind them.  In a sense words only exist when we can fuse them with pictures and memory, reference points that make them real, intentions that allowthem to impinge.

Olivia Steele is the seeming sister of Tracey Emin… yet, of a more touchable nature.  Her neon is packaged with precision.  Strip it of its context, background and space and it is just glowing tubes of words that are common. View it as she has devised it, and it brings new meaning to the importance of design and the layers of complexity that comprise the fundamental human experience of expressing ourselves.

If you have found that your emotions fall flat or you can’t quite communicate what you need to say, the full experience of Olivia Steele can unlock a few secrets to connecting with others in unforgettable ways.  This, my dear friends, is yet another reason why I love art so much!

olivia steele

We start simple. Open.

olivia steele


Then, life and textures emerge.

olivia steele


There is a particular sanctity to the way she connects words and popular forms together to create new vocabulary for togetherness.

olivia steele


And there is no lack of patterened irony.

olivia steele


It is often breathtaking. Scary. The combination of the end and the beginning, hellos and goodbyes, that make the world go round.

olivia steele

Is it ever enough?

olivia steele


And every phrase has a multiple meanings, just like in life.

Fleeting yet material, hard yet soft, fiery yet cool, this is the type of art that makes me feel the importance of both yin and yang energy and the crafty ways that laying two opposites beside each other creates a buzzing sense of truth.

Let art stretch your sensibility and help you to find new ways to bring yourself to your world.  The challenge is always rewarding…!

You can- and I hope you do!-  find much more of Olivia Steele’s art right HERE. xoxo Dana


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