5 Lifestyle Goodies To Restore Your Dazzling Sense Of Wonder!

Jul 9, 2014 | Creativity


Walking the dogs with legendary Angelyne is enough to restore your faith in the divine!

Yesterday, Bob and Gordon decided to rush at the famous pink Corvette pulled to the side of our street to pay homage to one of the most iconic women in Los Angeles!  We chatted with neighbors, we had a laugh, she told me about cloning dogs (um, ok…) and I bought little Bob a new tag with her picture on it. (She carries a credit card machine, FYI, in case you see her anywhere and find yourself cashless!)

I kind of floated away from her, in a trance, filled with the magic of Hollywood that eclipses movie stars. She is her own piece of art, and a local (National?) treasure!

It became crystal clear that the lifestyle goodies of this week are all about waking up the starry-eyed wonder that may have fallen out of your life lately.

Inner children: get ready to have fun! 

1. Explore your neighborhood treasures.  While you may not have an Angelyne, you likely have people and places near you that are filled with legend.  Even the miniscule town of Secaucus, New Jersey had a haunted house and several bits of swampy folklore!

believe in something beautiful

2. Believe in the beautiful.  This is a concept, I know, rather than a product or an activity… but believing in the beautiful is actually an active choice.  The world is set up to help you to doubt in many ways, so you may need to stretch yourself toward more and more inspiration every day to keep believing, firmly, in the beautiful.   Play with Pinning dreams on Pinterest, do an inspiration board, write out your fantasties… and keep that wonder alive!

aurorae cinnamon candle

3. Cinnamon scents are creative stimulation! Cinnamon and related, pie-like spices as well as apple essence- are a studied form of aromatherapy that increases creativity for many.  Aurorae sent me this candle, and the fabulous yoga mat below in sunset oranges (more of that to come)… and it reminded me that simple scents are sometimes the catalyst for artistic breakthroughs.

aurorae yoga mat

4. The color orange! Orange is a loaded color- thought to be the color to stimulate creativity, prosperity and yes, even intimacy!  (*you can read much more about this HERE) I was so psyched that, serendipidously, my yoga mat came to me in an ombre of orange.  Thanks again Aurorae– Gordon is digging this mat as much as I am!

cart full of herbs

5. Herbs everywhere!  My cooking quotient has dwindled as my travel quotient has been rising.  I so miss cooking, and a mountain of herbs- or even a few fresh pots- is often the catalyst for some dreamy dishes.  Think about ways to infuse herbs into your ice pops (boil juice with the leaves of basil or rosemary for a moment, strain & freeze), add whole leaves of herbs to summer salads… and use herbs in dried potpourii.  Having them near the kitchen is n exploratorium for me, always.

Wonder is what every inner child- and overgrown child like me!- needs to thrive.  Don’t dismiss it as a luxury to have fun. It is a necessity!  xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    These are great! I just moved and my roommate and I have been exploring our little nook of the city and taking it all in – I feel so inspired! Also, making cinnamon incense is SUPER easy. 1 part cinnamon to 1 part water, mix it up, bake it for 20 minutes and let dry overnight – I use that to fill my house with creativity-boosting cinnamon!

  2. Janine

    Thank you, maggie. I’ve been burning cinnamon powder on an incense disk lately and your cinnamon incense recipe is a timely share.


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