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Jul 11, 2014 | Home Style

pink office


My new home needs an office!!!   I know I promised a house tour soon-  including all feng shui- and I am 50% there.  The office (or the creative way I am creating an office that works for me) is the challenge at present.

I moved to this new place- filled with lots of stunning new energy-  and then… hopped on a plane.  then another, and another, and another… It has been nearly a month since I could dig into my home that I’ve had for 2 months, and a lot has shifted with the new feng shui of this space… all for the better!

 That said, I  gave my “office space” to the two dogs.  It suits them better than it suits me.  My office is more… well… my office is actually your home or office or hotel… so it’s not intuitive for me to sit at a desk and be in one place creating all this stuff.

But… even if you have a creative life and a portable business, having a grounded and set way to work and stay organized is crazy-important.

That’s why today’s office ‘spiration is all about pink, my version of a work color, and the creative ways to weave some personality and grace into an office in rose tones.  Even if you are skeptical, I promise there’s something good in here for you!

cb2 pink files


It all started when I realized CB2 was discontinuing these pink file cabinets that I have had my eye on for quite some time.  Why in the world they are being discontinued I will never understand. (CB2- don’t do it!) I bought two and hauled them upstairs yesterday all by myself.  They weigh half of me, each, so this was really a labor of love.

Pink in feng shui is much more than just a color linked to love. It is a color of calm, and psychological testing has proven that bubblegum pinks (*this cabinet is more bubblegum than you may think when viewed in person) are the best colors for relaxation.

You want to relax in your office. Seriously.  Relaxing at work makes you magnetic. (*Here’s more on that, if you aren’t swayed by these few words to get you to relax at work!)

pink office

(apartment therapy)

Emily Schuman (Cupcakes & Cashmere) has a fabulously pink office. It very much suits her easy chic.

pink desk


A little pink desk is more poised and elegant that you might  imagine.

hot pink desk

Word to the wise: as punchy as a hot pink desk can be, it will not serve you well for cerebral work. This is a social desk, the kind that you can write journal entries, make art projects and send thank you notes from… not a desk for the academic or the business unless, perhaps, you paint/cover the top in something more neutral.

pink flowers desk

(style me pretty) 

To try a bit more pink, start with flowers.  After all, you only commit for about a week… and now is the perfect time to bliss out on fresh blooms…!

Now… pink is a move that not everyone can make. And if you love the way it looks but can’t pull it off, the take-away of the day is to create an office that works for you… without creating pressure for you.  Think a bit softer. Even the most masculine spaces need some yin energy to make them come to life in a welcoming, abundant way…! xoxo Dana


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