Accept Random Gifts From The Universe!

Jul 12, 2014 | Prosperity

gilt home rug

How good are you at accepting random gifts from the universe? 

My dogs have no problem with it.  After all, their whole life is all somewhat faith based. By the nature of being given parents that are human they are dependent on us for food, for toys, for affection, for walks, for everything… and they are pretty cool with it.  In fact, these fur babies are so cool with random gifts (all the furniture and home goodies that are sent to the blog, all the stuff that friends bring them) that they immediately know to make the new things a part of home.

Today we got the wrong rug sent from Gilt Home.  Two things about Gilt Home you should know: they rarely make mistakes in my experience and they have the best customer service, ever.

So, when the wrong rug came, I let them know. It was immediately refunded (I ordered a pastel-toned chevron rug) and I was told that I could do what I wished with the rug that they delivered.

Free rug day!

I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Its not necessarily anything I would have picked for myself.

The dogs immediately knew what to do with this random gift from the universe.  They rolled on it, sniffed it, scratched it, stretched on it, ran over it, played with it… and made it their own.

And so, now it is theirs. Or, rather, ours!

And this purchase became a random gift from the universe and Gilt Home.  (thanks Gilt Home!!!)

accept your good


Some people get tons of random gifts from the universe.  Random simply because there is no real clear reason why someone – or some force of coincidence- is offering you help, introductions, giving you gifts or just allowing you to have easy days where things effortlessly fall in place.

Skepticism is how lots of these gifts are greeted.

You may hear these reasonable phrases like…

“Nothing comes for free.” 

“Everyone has an agenda.” 

“You can’t trust anyone.” 

“Its clearly some sort of trap…” 

And on and on…

So…you say NO to some amazing opportunities, you walk away from awesome adventures and reject the gifts you are given.  Even though you really liked them, and you likely do deserve them, you say “NO” because you just can’t be that lucky.

I think this is why lotto winners tend to go nuts. Lots of them, I think, have been conditioned (or conditioned themselves) to believe that they are not really worthy of money… yet when this windfall comes, they almost have to spend it all frivolously because it feels like too big a gift from the universe to be believed or trusted or accepted.

What would happen if you could be open to the fact that good things do “just happen” lots of the time?

I bet you’d be overwhelmed by all the coincidences that line up when you start expecting great things to happen…!

xoxo Dana




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