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Jul 16, 2014 | Home Style

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While Interiors are a big piece of what I do in my feng shui’ing design ways, inspiration is the bigger piece of my life and work.

It requires a whole lot of energy to enter a home, be invited into a life or a business, and really shift its flow while making it look fantastic.

Part of being lit up with ideas is embracing the hunt for that level of inspiration.

Many people want me to hunt for them…and I am happy to do it… though I encourage collaboration.   I want you all to go out and hunt a bit, too… so you aren’t missing out on the best part of the “life explorer” experience!

Today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite spots to score home goods off the grid of Hollywood… and talk a bit about the thrill- and the energetic value-  of the hunt! 

The Internet is a treasure-trove of decor- from fabulous Etsy vintage and handmade to the iffy but often fruitful land of Craigslist to the more glamorous  flash sales of Gilt Home.

That said, nothing beats the true hunt for greatness locally.

Hunting for precisely what you want takes patience.  Hunting for inspiration takes nothing but the desire to expand your aesthetic horizons and a bit of time set aside to indulge that quest.



Where do I wander locally to find furniture and furnishings? In Los Angeles, I find a ton of stuff at the Melrose & Fairfax Sunday market: everything from trees to rugs to vintage and especially crystals and handmade lotions. My last trip found me weighed down in Mexican blankets and plants, a very high-vibe patchouli oil and a handful of clear quartz.

There are other little haunts of mine, like the somewhat unbelievably well stocked secret shops on Santa Monica boulevard near the Hollywood Forever cemetery, my friend’s very-customizing  decor shop Eden LA in Brentwood and This Is Not Ikea on Fairfax.

West Elm, CB2, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware…

I also walk around weekends through the street-side yard sales, sneak into Goodwill…ask for secret tips from friends…downtown markets…

I go everywhere. And anywhere. All in the pursuit of a visual vocabulary that is more fluent.

I used to curate a collection of found photographs for a collector. Vintage photos. There were endless outlets to find them.  I swam in this world of image hunters, and loved every moment of their passionate quest as I foraged for my own.  In the hunting you see nuances in color, style options that may have eluded you, new ways to ask for what you want with precision.  I actually bought myself a vernacular photo that was so singular and unique, (I realized, after so much hunting, that it was very unique in its saturated colors and quality)  that it turned out to be quite rare and worth at least 40X what I paid for it!

Hunting clarifies intention, opens the door to infinite possibility and gives you perspective.

When you can immerse yourself in that kind of a hunt for good things- be it craft stores, antiques, art inspiration, musical performances- locally, you take your talents and interests into your community and create the kind of connection that feeds your dreams.

So, next time you feel stuck, confused and not quite inspired, you may want to hunt a bit…

See something new, taste something foreign, watch something special in your local park…

It is all very life-affirming and energy-giving.

Inspiration won’t always just find you first thing in the morning when you wake up. But, it will find you if you look for it!  xoxo Dana


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