The Artistic Alchemy Of Chad Wys!

Jul 17, 2014 | Life With Art

chad wys

When the classical becomes remixed, when an artist presents a new way to see, when you literally re-write history in art… this is all the alchemist greatness that makes me so excited!

Chad Wys has a way of presenting polarized ideas in a way that is thrilling.  If opposites attract, in his art, they slam into each other and produce fireworks.

Today’s art inspiration is from Chad Wys, the most awesome re-mixer of history and one of my serious art crushes…! I think you will just love this…!

chad wys

Why not add glitter….? It’s the collision of the smooth and the messy, the exacting and the free.


Somewhat spooky yet vastly insightful, can you see how a triangle influences the way we see, fixing our gaze into this collage?

chad wys

Delicious dots either obscure a face or bring it into focus as they focus our eye.

chad wys

Because we have painted technicolor over the classics, haven’t we?

chad wys

You can never lose me when you add glitter and more glitter.  Does the glitter hide things or does it reveal things?

chad wysAnd this is so powerful, in its very poignant “covering-up”, a vibrant testament to how some ideas are wrongfully and intensely blocked from our lives.  There’s also the alternate view, as though we can extricate ourselves from this sort of idea prison by living in love.

That’s the greatness of opposing energies when embraced and combined.  In feng shui it’s yin and yang- the opposite forces that come into balance to create all of life.  We need darkness and light.  We need challenge and rest.  And we need both splashy crafts and streamlined order.

So much more of Chad Wys’ work can be found right HERE.  You can get lost in it, perfectly lost.



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