Easy Ways To Add Some Multicolored Joy To Your Home!

Jul 18, 2014 | Home Style

joyful table

(merriment events) 

Relaxed and yet exploding with color, this table is the epitome of a happy gathering. Earthy, easy, re-purposed goodies, sizzling and popping flowers. It makes me smile to see it.

Home styling can be as simple as a soup can cleaned out and re-mastered as a home for wildflowers, a fresh way to hang jewelry or a new look at outdoor space with some textile and texture. What adds real style is the sentiment behind your decor choices.

Here are a few confetti colored, festive ways to style some life and joy, energy and fun, into any room.

ribbon chandelier

(shannon berry)

THIS great how-to will walk you through the steps to turn some wire and fringe into a ribbon chandelier! It’s a great way to light up a dim closet, make a party more vibrant, bring magnetism to an entrance-way… and more…!

dip dye utensils

(romance home)

What could be easier than dunking your silverware in some paint? What could be more fun than serving up this potpourri of vintage utensils in a big basket?!

dip dye (via)

Mix in the dip dyes! Ombre is essentially a spectrum of colors soaked into a single object.

gumball machine


Toys, games and gorgeous gumball machines. I adore these gumballs! Can you imagine that they once cost one cent?! It makes me so happy to see bits of the past this way, and a stocked machine is like an ever-present rainbow on a desk or a counter top, even in a foyer.

latch hook rug


Love a latch hook rug, and even tapestries and blankets in old-fashioned patterns hung on walls. The fusion of handcrafted, crafty colors and unexpected placement is always a kick to sensibility, a sort of pivot in sensibility that is really exciting.

Style some joy into your space and the results are to, predictably, feel-great!



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