Feng Shui For Dreamers Who Want Make Those Dreams Come True!

Jul 18, 2014 | Creativity

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Dreamers. Don’t you love them?!

I bet you are at least a bit of a dreamer, since this whole cosmos of holistic artful beauty I’ve electronically stitched together seems to be all about dreaming at heart, and this energy seems to collect more like it around itself every day.

And if you are a dreamer like me, you’ve probably been accused more than a few times of being unrealistic, “not practical”, unable to “face the facts”, irresponsible, or, in my case, foolish and delusional (people loved to call me both things, and still do!)…!

I can laugh about all of these fantastically derogatory ways that people have tried to hate on my dreaming sensibility now, feeling compassion for lots of these people since time has proven them to be very sad, angry and ostensibly  trapped in “reasonable”  lives that make them miserable.

The trick is to take your awesome dreams out of your head and make them actual in your life.

Nothing is instant. Everything builds. But it has to be active. It has to be building.

This trick of moving your dreams into reality is the feng shui of the day, all about moving from dreaming into doing. 

There’s an All-Or-Nothing ethos that surrounds being more creative and living a life of one’s own design.  I still remember the day I told my father at 22-years-old that I was going to write a novel and be a professional artist.

His response was scintillating: ” You know you’ll wind up throwing away your education. This writing you do is crazy. You’re really ruining your life, Dana.”

He said this while drinking a Jack & Coke at 10am while we sat beside a golf course in Palm Springs.  I had just come back from a hike.

It took a whole lot of hunting to find real-life examples of the truth about living dreams, rather than the tragedies you hear of starving artists addicted to drugs or in some very sad state.

dreams come true

You can be a stable person and still be a dreamer. I have seen hundreds of examples of this. 

You can be stunningly successful and still be a dreamer.  And handfuls of examples of this. 

You can be completely one with society and still be a dreamer.  Yep, this is also true in my experience. 

The one thing that really trips people up is the myth of wishing and then not actually doing anything with the wish. It is dreaming and letting the dream be enough.

In feng shui, you create a home that amplifies your dreams. In fact, if you really succeed at great feng shui, you will see evidence that you are CREATING your dreams every day as you walk through your life.

Feng shui in my way takes the dreams out of your head and puts them into your life.

In your head, things are fun and pliable and inspiring, but in life, things are visceral, emotional, share-able and ACTUAL.

Use color to amplify your purpose: While there are specific meanings to colors in feng shui philosophy, color psychology and color therapy, the most important parts of color in your personal space is that it resonates with what you want to feel.  Color is energy.  You can explore specific meanings of color and ways to use color to enhance emotions and light up your goals (*here’s more on the basics of color meanings), but for starters, use more color as a part of what you are creating.

Create a space that reminds you of your mission: To strip feng shui down to its basics, you want to have a sense of total flow if your space.  If there are areas that you don’t particularly like, there’s where you can put your attention.  If you don’t like something, energy gets stuck there. We don’t want stuck. We want flow!

You might want to try making yourself a vision board of collages of things that you are dreaming about having, doing and contributing to… and hanging it somewhere semi-private that you see every day. Inside a busy closet is always good.  Every so often, really contemplate it and see if that style and vision and sentiment is echoed in your wardrobe… your furniture… your sentiments.  If not, you know where your energy can move to align what you see in your mind more closely with your everyday life.

Use sensory goodies to layer your environment in your core values: That’s right, the way your place smells, feels, its temperature… it’s textures… it’s art… all of it echoes your values and feelings in your life.  Aromatherapy as an art and science is filled with ways to literally heal your body and shift your emotions with scent.  There’s a lot of science rolling out in support of the psychological and physical impact of scent. HERE is a bit on getting started in a simple way with scent. 

And… De-clutter your space of the voices that tell you that you can’t!

Wishing you awesome days of dreaming *&* doing!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Kimberly


    Thank you SO MUCH for this article! It’s perfect. I too have always been a dreamer, much to the dismay of my family and many people I meet. However, I believe anything is possible and I am so into working on my dreams with unwavering focus.

    I love your website. Thanks again!

    • danaclaudat

      xoxoxo yay!!! you can do anything!!!!! thank you so much for this lovely note 🙂


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