An Antidote To Overthinking!

Jul 20, 2014 | Creativity

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Are you thinking too much?

If you feel frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed or otherwise confused the answer in my mind is :YES!

Today I am going to share one of many antidotes to the very rational problem of over thinking! 

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I started my day on top of a small hiking mountain in two loops.  Twice to pass the glorious Tree People and see all the trees ready to be planted. Twice to look down at trees that seem so small under foot, and to look up at the enormity of the sky.

Quite on accident, I have been thinking too much.

I don’t do it often any more but when I do, its ripple effect is nothing but stress.

There’s this great saying back in Jersey: “Analysis = Paralysis”

Think about anything too much and you will find something wrong.  Your mind will pull threads that unravel into giant balls of worry.  You don’t need to think too hard about any situation to see the infinity of outcomes.  Then, you hedge your bets to try to predict next moves, thinking again too much about what those moves are and what comes next.

This is a good thing right, living strategically?

Perhaps in some ways logic and reason serve us. But when it comes to a big, expansive, creative life, you have to be willing to think far less to create great things.  While I don’t say much that is hard and fast, I can say that with confidence that you can think yourself out of your own greatness.


You are limited in your mind to things you have seen, heard or experienced.  Therefore, reason links you to the past and limits you to its confines.

There was a situation not too long ago that was very scary.  Someone was in a tragic accident.  It seemed very bleak at best, but for some reason I could only see that it would all be OK.  A family friend with almost every bone broken in his body, in a coma, only to wake up and be…. given, it look quite a while… pretty much fine.  Actually, in some ways he was better than ever.

Logic, reason, experts and all deemed this a pretty hopeless situation.

My own life has been so extreme in every good and bad way that I see, perhaps, a bit more possibility. My friend agreed. Her brother is back to normal.

Thinking too much would have caved her in, would have taken away hope, would have led to fear choices like leaving him on a respirator that would have held him back physically.

Not every situation is as dire or as miraculous, but every situation can benefit from suspending reality, thinking less and being present much more in expanded space.

To think less: get space.

Go outside and see things close to you, gaze out to the distance, and feel yourself expanding.  Really see the trees and buildings far away. Really feel the thoughts shut off.  Be quiet for a while.  If you can’t get outside, gaze out a window into a distance.  Close your eyes and imagine the galaxies as you can imagine them.

Breathe. Widen. Be OK with not knowing what comes next.

After a long hike or a day at the beach, confusion is far away from me.  It will circle back in if I let it, starting with a single thought that spirals into more questions and then the dreaded worry.  This is one of the reasons I stopped talking to lots of people about my challenges in my own life.  It starts to lead to a spin that is not productive. No one wins.   So, I go back and get more space. And, with each round, it’s less and less attractive to let limitations hang heavy in the air and dwell too much on a philosophical outcome to everything!

It’s such bliss and so life-expanding, I hope you can try a little life-space-clearing for yourself!

Nothing relly gets solved out of a jumble of facts.  Creative spirits create the best outcomes in my eyes.

xoxo Dana



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