Living In A Spectrum Of Pastels!

Jul 21, 2014 | Home Style

pastel living room


Sheer color, sweet thoughts, open space… I have such a fancy for the pastel these days because of their light and easy ways.  Pastels are relatively neutral, despite what you might believe, and they lend themselves to being layered in a spectrum… if you dare!  Today’s design ‘spiration is a wonderland of soft, muted colors. 

pastel water


There used to be a shop on 3rd street in Los Angeles where you could choose a bottle like this from a  huge wall display. The bottles looked similar to these but had some sort of oil mixed into the colored water that was therapeutic in some way. You selected a bottle based on what caught your eye and were given a “reading” of your personality and future based on your bottle selection.  You were sent home with your oil to rub it on your feet and lower back and put in baths to balance your body.

I tried it a few times, chasing the color love. Never did it work, but I like the story and sentiment. And I love this wall of bottles!

pastel decor


Pastels are beyond belief here, stunning and wholly unique, calming and sophisticated.

pastel interior


These pastels are cheerful and light.

colored books


And these veer toward the saturated, but display a fantastic idea for a bookshelf re-make— cover your books in beautiful paper!



Unique pastels like this apricot are unbeatable.


(house of turquoise) 

And… my most favorite, under-rated pastel— the pastels of kettles, pots, pans and dishes!

Pastel rainbows…. a great way to create a look of sweet authenticity and one-of-a-kind goodness at home. xoxo Dana


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  1. D'Shay

    You are always so uplifting and inspiring! I love just about all of your posts.

    • danaclaudat

      Oh thank you so much D’Shay!!!


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