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Jul 22, 2014 | The Beautiful

vitamin c mask

To know me is to know I love high-level simplicity. And non-toxic DIY beauty. I have habits of honey in my hair, table sugar and coconut oil everywhere on my skin and apple cider vinegar in baths. There are days of whipping things, cracking eggs, shaking up coconut oil with essential oils and more…

Most work.  A few fail. Some become daily habits.

A few become beauty secrets.

This resurfacing, skin-feeding, cell-repairing vitamin face mask is something I can’t believe I never tried!

Today, the secret of Vitamin C skin greatness is something I put off for a while.

I mean, wouldn’t Vitamin C burn my face or something? 

After months of pouring crystals of Vitamin C in my baths to neutralize the chlorine in tap water, I got brave.  And intuitive.

I poured about a tablespoon of powdered Vitamin C in my left hand (straight ascorbic acid) and then followed with a healthy glug of my favorite beauty oil—  castor oil.  I mixed it up with a spoon, right in my palm, until it was sticky and not crumbly. I let it sit for a few minutes in my hand as I contemplated what to do next.

Would I really put straight vitamin powder on my face?

Yes, I did.

I sort of patted and slightly massaged this grainy masque onto my clean face, avoiding my eyes. I was so paranoid I really steered very clear of my eyes and suggest you do the same!

The exfoliation of the crystals on my skin felt exhilarating… and nothing burned as I had feared.

I let it sit for 5 minutes. Since I felt nothing bad happening, I extended it to 10.  And then, after 15 minutes, I used a warm, wet washcloth to wipe the masque off of my forehead first (since I was intent on my eyes being in the clear) and then the rest of my face.  Rinsing my face thoroughly, I felt just the film of oil (and perhaps some of the Vitamin C was infused within it now?) remaining on my face.  Then I went to bed.

When I woke up, I looked lit from within.

This stuff is amazing to me.  And a bit of natural beauty magic worth sharing.

Please note: not all skin will tolerate this. If it feels wrong, it is wrong.  Also, you may need to leave it on for just a few minutes at a time. Avoid your eyes, or touching your eyes after touching this without washing your hands impeccably!

This can be done with olive oil or Vitamin E oil in place of castor oil. I am intrigued by the Vitamin E and want to try that one next.  Also, I have been doing this every few days (it is addicting) but I have not come to realize just how often is right for me. Too much of a good thing is not always good. Once every few weeks seems like a sensible start!

Total vitamin skin magic made fresh at home!  xoxo Dana

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